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Miami Dolphins failures not all on Brock Osweiler. Which shows how huge the problems are

Dolphins QB Osweiler takes responsibility for not scoring touchdowns in their defeat to the Packers

Miami Dolphins QB Brock Osweiler takes responsibility for not scoring touchdowns in their 31-12 defeat to the Green Bay Packers in a NFL game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Sunday, November, 11, 2018.
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Miami Dolphins QB Brock Osweiler takes responsibility for not scoring touchdowns in their 31-12 defeat to the Green Bay Packers in a NFL game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Sunday, November, 11, 2018.

Afterward, Brock Osweiler stood in front of reporters and took the blame for this loss.

He talked about how he’s the Miami Dolphins’ quarterback and it’s his job to get his team in the end zone. He talked about how he needs to play better. He put it all on himself.

“The blame is on nobody but myself,” Osweiler declared.

Except that like so much Osweiler did on Sunday, that’s just wrong. Because it’s not all on Osweiler.

Not even close.

And that’s what makes me think there’s so little hope for the remainder of this season. Because it’s not one thing.

It’s not the starting quarterback. Or the backup quarterback. Or the slew of injuries. Or the inconsistent defense.

It’s everything, folks.

Although this team is 5-5 and the standings say the Miami Dolphins have an honest shot of rescuing this season, it doesn’t feel that way. These Dolphins instead feel like a ship that’s listing badly, taking on water.

And there’s not a lot that seems available as solutions to plug all the holes. Because even as the team tries to stop leaks over here, others spring up over there.

So it’s not Osweiler’s fault that so many players on this team are injured and the numbers seem to be increasing with each game -- Sunday’s casualty list included receiver Jakeem Grant being felled by an Achilles’ injury and receiver DeVante Parker leaving the game with a shoulder injury.

Miami Dolphins DE Robert Quinns says they are still swinging even with more first team injuries in their defeat to the Packers

(After this season is over, the Dolphins have to take a serious look at their medical, sports science and every other department having to do with player health because there’s bad luck and then there’s what this team has encountered in 2018 with no less than six starters either on injured reserve or having missed a significant number of games.)

Anyway, it’s not Osweiler’s fault the defense, which is generally healthy, is also generally awful at stopping the run. And not that much better defending the pass.

It’s not Osweiler’s fault that the offense hasn’t visited the end zone in nine quarters dating back to the Houston game. Oh, wait, that is his fault.

Yes, that’s on the quarterback.

And Osweiler owned up to that. And coach Adam Gase has to seriously consider benching Osweiler now because scoring field goals isn’t going to beat the Packers, something we saw proven on Sunday.

But it’s also not going to beat any team not named the New York Jets.

Obviously the Dolphins are going into the upcoming bye week hoping starter Ryan Tannehill can return as the quarterback. But if that hope somehow fizzles out like a Dolphins 2018 drive, then Gase needs to consider doing something else at quarterback other than Osweiler.

That means play David Fales if Tannehill can’t go.

And, I have to warn you, Fales is a project player. He has only one NFL start, that coming last year against Buffalo. So he might not be any better than Osweiler.

Miami Dolphins safety Reshad Jones answers questions about being benched in the first quarter in their 31-12 defeat to the Green Bay Packers in a NFL game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Sunday, November, 11, 2018.

I think he’s more mobile. I think he has some upside.

But the Dolphins’ choices beyond Tannehill boil down to continuing to hold out hope Osweiler finds some magic he’s never really had ... or moving on to finding out if Fales is a player or not.

The team’s personnel department and Gase obviously believe in Fales because they’ve kept him on the roster. So use the final weeks that Tannehill cannot play to find out about Fales. Do something to advance the cause of fixing this team in the future by getting one offseason decision out of the way.

Because precious little else about this team is currently headed toward resolution of any lasting variety.

The defense is seriously a mess. We celebrated what was accomplished last week against the New York Jets and that still stands.

But the Packers game was the fourth poor outing in five weeks by the unit. The Packers rushed for 195 yards. They averaged 7.8 yards per rush.

It’s a bad day on defense when Aaron Rodgers throws two touchdown passes, posts a 112.1 quarterback rating, and he’s the second most dangerous facet the opponent has on the field.

Cold weather didn't stop Miami Dolphins kicker Jason Sanders from scoring at Lambeau Field in Green Bay

It really shouldn’t upset you the Dolphins lost this game at Green Bay on a day their two starting offensive tackles were out, their quarterback had a 66.6 quarterback rating, the game plan was to try and stay close and hope something -- anything -- miraculous happens late to deliver a win.

This game looked like a loss before it began. And, yes, the Dolphins gave effort.

But the fact we all know a loss against a good team is coming, and an Osweiler stinker game is coming, and the defense folding again is coming, says everything you need to know about this team now and the final six weeks of the season.

It says not enough good is coming.

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