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Miami Dolphins film: Kenny Stills outstanding, Ryan Tannehill solid, protection great

So, I’m on Instagram. Because the guy born in the middle of the last century (more or less) is all about the digital age and stuff.

And that’s good for you today because I posted some tape clips of the Miami Dolphins playing the Tennessee Titans to my Instagram account (follow me if you’re on Instagram) to give folks a peek at what is actually happening on some plays.

And so I’m going to share some of those here as well. If this post catches on, I’ll do this every week. Oh, my God, film work by a sportswriter!

Remember tape don’t lie. So let’s get to it.

The first shows you a confirmation of what coach Adam Gase and the Dolphins have been saying about wide receiver Kenny Stills. He does a lot of damage out of the slot

The second is more Stills. And it shows he had a really good game — not just because he caught two touchdown passes — but he blocked. Check out this block on Frank Gore’s 21-yard gain on Sunday.

I believe Ryan Tannehill had a solid game. Two touchdowns. Two interceptions. His QB rating was 89.9.

The difference between solid and great? If Tannehill throws three TDs and only one interception. If Tannehill had not thrown that pick in the end zone when he was trying to connect with rookie tight end Mike Gesicki we would all be talking about how the Dolphins QB did amazing stuff in his first game back from his knee injury saga.

I know the Dolphins said Tannehill’s grip failed him on that interception. But the tape shows Tannehill with some very poor footwork adding to the problem. And, oh yeah, Gesicki just kind of fell apart on that play.

Tannehill had a stellar 75-yard TD pass to Stills that was electric. Great footwork. Great throw that got to Stills in stride. Just perfect.

Know what else was perfect? The protection

Below you see left guard Josh Sitton protecting 1-on-1. You see center Daniel Kilgore protecting 1-on-1. You see rookie tight end Durham Smythe helping left tackle Laremy Tunsil and actually doing most of the great work.

The pocket was clean. And, well, perfect.

The Dolphins had a 102-yard kickoff return. And they yielded a 95-yard kickoff return.

The 95 return by Tennessee was good work by them, but also poor work by the Dolphins.

You see below how Stephone Anthony (No. 44) and Torry McTyer (No. 24) basically created a split between them so wide that it was impossible to miss.

Then receiver Tanner McEvoy didn’t get off his block to help. Then kicker Jason Sanders showed you he’s not a linebacker.

Then cornerback Bobby McCain (No. 28) overran the play and simply slipped down without being touched. McCain’s assignment, I believe, is to be the last line of defense. Once he failed to clean up the mess ...


There are other plays on my Instagram account, including Jakeem Grant’s 102-yard return. It shows you how Brandon Bolden, signed last Tuesday, delivered a block that helped spring Grant’s return.

Check it out. And follow me on Instagram: thearmandosalguero.

Again, if you like this film session stuff, I’ll do much more of it during the season. If not? I won’t. Speak your mind in the comments section.

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