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The Dolphins add this ingredient to offseason acquisitions, but will it result in wins?

Former San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore is among the Dolphins offseason addition that come with vast playoff experience.
Former San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore is among the Dolphins offseason addition that come with vast playoff experience. AP

The goal for the Miami Dolphins, indeed for all NFL teams, should be to win a Super Bowl.

While it seems sometimes the Dolphins are merely trying to survive and the people running the team are flying by the seat of their pants or just trying not get fired, there is an occasional moment of clarity that gives some hope that this team gets it.

And this is one of those moments.

In looking at what an organization’s long-term goal should be — again, winning the Super Bowl — and then studying how the Dolphins have previously gathered their roster, the team often missed the mark in the construction phase.

There weren’t enough playmakers.

There hasn’t been an elite quarterback.

There weren’t enough winners.

Well, I have no idea if the Dolphins have enough playmakers as the roster is currently constituted for 2018. And we can argue whether quarterback Ryan Tannehill is elite.

But it seems the Dolphins have done a good job adding winners this offseason.

Think of this. ...

The Dolphins added running back Frank Gore. He played in multiple NFC Championship games and in Super Bowl 47 in 2013.

The Dolphins added left guard Josh Sitton. He has vast playoff experience with Green Bay and he was a starter on the Packers team that won Super Bowl 45 in 2011.

Center Daniel Kilgore was on the San Francisco Super Bowl team with Gore but didn’t play. He has, however, played in six playoff games during his career.

Danny Amendola played on perennial Super Bowl contender New England and was on the team when the Patriots won Super Bowls 49 in 2015 and 51 in 2017. He was obviously on the team when the team lost Super Bowl 52 in February.

Amendola has played in 15 postseason games during his career. That means he has played almost a full season’s worth of postseason games.

Backup quarterback Brock Osweiler was a backup on not just one but two Super Bowl teams in Denver, including the team that won Super Bowl 50 in 2016. He started seven games while Peyton Manning was injured that championship season and the team was 5-2 in that span.

Osweiler also started two playoff games for Houston in 2016, winning one and losing the other. Compare that to Tannehill, who has never started or played in a playoff game.

Albert Wilson has never played in a Super Bowl at age 25. But he has already played in four playoff games.

By comparison, Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake, in the NFL since 2009 and now 36 years old, has played in one playoff game.

Robert Quinn, who comes to the Dolphins after seven seasons with the Rams, was in the postseason last year. He had three tackles, including a sack in a loss to Atlanta.

These additions bring to the Dolphins 49 postseason games worth of experience. They bring seven Super Bowl appearances. They bring four Super Bowl victories on their résumé.

“I think the common thread is we’re just trying to get guys with experience winning, who have been successful, have done it right, are professionals and are just good examples,” coach Adam Gase said. “But at the same time, [we want] guys that can play. We’re trying to get guys that fit into what we’re looking to do. Right now, we feel great about the guys that we’ve acquired.”

Gase has often used the refrain, “Winners win,” around his Dolphins staff.

But Miami’s additions in free agency the past few years haven’t always reflected that approach.

And here’s the thing: Adding a player with Super Bowl experience is not going to guarantee success. Lawrence Timmons came to the Dolphins with Super Bowl experience and was part of the team’s problems rather than offering solutions in 2017.

But multiple Super Bowl winners added throughout the locker room? Multiple players with postseason experience accounting for the majority of additions so far this offseason?

The Dolphins are clearly telling everyone what direction they want to go.

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