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Three days after Jets loss, Adam Gase still at a loss

Adam Gase was talking about his offense again minutes ago and, yes, he’s still downcast and frustrated and upset at what he saw in a loss to the New York Jets.

And that’s understandable because that Jets loss happened.

But here’s the thing ... It’s Wednesday.

That game last Sunday is not changing now. It’s in the books forever. The only way to overcome that poor outing is to make everyone forget about it. And the only way to do that is by playing well in the next outing.

But the body language I saw from the Miami Dolphins coach today was, well, troubling. He looked tired. He made it clear he’s still at a loss for answers. He looked frustrated.

“I think we need to play better on offense, I know that,” Gase said.

Yes, we know that. Gase conveyed that feeling Sunday. And Monday.

Again, it’s Wednesday.

Snap out of it, man!

Gase was asked if he’s upset by the lack of creativity in the offense...

“Sometimes you feel that way,” he said. “Really it’s when we get into too mental errors, or it’s not executed the way we think it should be, and we’re just not in a good rhythm whether it be bad play calls or we screwed some thing up. It’s just trying to get some consistency overall, the big picture of everything. And we just haven’t had that.”

Gase went on to say things such as ...

“The last game was just a disaster and it wasn’t very good. We’re all taking part of the blame. We all have to be better.”

And ...

“Third down was a disaster. That’s obvious and it’s embarrassing.”

And ...

“It was always something. Play-call, executions. It was a mess.”

By the end of this press conference I wanted to slit my wrists, because Gase got me so depressed.

So did I miss the fact the season is over? That the Dolphins, at 1-1, are mathematically eliminated from having a good offense in 2018?

Look, I get it, the Miami Dolphins offensive play-caller has been lacking sleep and is upset his unit is not performing well. But the Miami Dolphins head coach has to recognize he is the face and heartbeat of the franchise. He sets the mood and the tempo of the entire organization.

And if he’s talking for three days like the last game was the season’s undoing -- which is how it seemed the last three press conferences he’s had -- then chances are good that’s how the team is going to play going forward.

Remember when Joe Philbin was kind of a laid back guy? And the Dolphins responded by being kind of a laid back team, starting slowly in games almost as a habit?

Well, if Gase is feeling downcast and tired and at a loss for answers, then the team is going to reflect that.

So this needs to stop.

By the way, I appreciate Gase giving full and complete and interesting answers during press conferences. But in doing so the past three days, he has outlined an obituary about his offense. The team was 1-4 last year and I don’t remember Gase talking about his offense (which was horrible at the time) like he has the past few days.

Time to move on to New Orleans and what is possible instead of dwelling on New York and what went wrong.

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