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Betting site thinks Dolphins are basically no better than Los Angeles Chargers — which is not good

Las Vegas bookmakers don’t love the Dolphins chances in 2017.
Las Vegas bookmakers don’t love the Dolphins chances in 2017. Getty Images

It’s official. The oddsmakers hate the Miami Dolphins.

Las Vegas hates the Miami Dolphins.

We know this because online sports betting, casino and racebook site Bovada has set the over-under for all the NFL’s 32 teams for the 2017 season. And after the Dolphins won 10 games last season, made the playoffs for the first time since 2008 and are scheduled to make four prime time appearances in ‘17, the experts at the gambling site have set the Dolphins’ over-under at 7 1/2 games.

Seven and a half games!

Now, I would never pretend to give advice on how to manage your discretionary income. And I do not condone gambling of any form. (I’ve been to Las Vegas once and bet a grand total of $10).

But if I were a betting man, I’d be pretty tempted to go with the ...

Nope not going to do it. Not going to give betting advice.

But let’s just say that it seems the folks at Bovada expect the Dolphins to kind of stink. They expect the Dolphins to take a step back from a season ago. Now, you may recall I told you a few weeks ago, the ‘17 Dolphins might be a better team and have a worse record than they did in 2016.

I said this based on the idea the schedule seems tougher.

But I didn’t think they’d be three games worse, which is what the folks who are going to bet the under are obviously expecting at minimum.

Thinking about this some more, this is kind of a dis.

Not surprisingly, Bovada thinks the defending Super Bowl Champion Patriots are going to be very good again -- with very good defined as the NFL’s best team.

The over-under for the Patriots is 12 1/2, which is the best in the NFL.

The Dolphins have the next highest over-under in the AFC East and that’s understandable. The Buffalo Bills (over-under of 6 wins) and the New York Jets (over under of 5 wins) had bad seasons last year and still have issues today.

But that shouldn’t be much consolation for Dolphins fans.

Bovada had Pittsburgh (10 1/2), Oakland (10), Kansas City (9), Baltimore (9), Indianapolis (9), Tennessee (8 1/2) and Houston (8 1/2) with higher over-under marks than Miami in the AFC alone.

Basically, Bovada thinks the Dolphins are no better than the Los Angeles Chargers.

How do we know?

The site’s over-under for the Chargers is 7 1/2 ... same as Miami.

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