Armando Salguero

Seattle Seahawks adding Dion Jordan with hopes he pans out is more wish than good plan

Defensive end Dion Jordon made more news when he was hazed by teammates as a rookie (check the hair) and when he was suspended by the NFL than when he made plays for the Dolphins.
Defensive end Dion Jordon made more news when he was hazed by teammates as a rookie (check the hair) and when he was suspended by the NFL than when he made plays for the Dolphins. Miami Herald Staff

The Seattle Seahawks have added former Miami Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan to their roster, according to USA Today, and so the career of perhaps the biggest draft bust in Miami history will get at least one more NFL chance.

That’s good because everyone deserves a second chance.

Except this is Jordan’s, like, seventh chance to be a productive NFL player and as he’s failed in all his previous attempts, the odds and history suggest this one will be a failure as well.

So go ahead and mark me down as a naysayer and cynic and skeptic on this one because that’s where I’m at.

I don’t believe Dion Jordan -- so athletically gifted he could once upon a time cover receivers and tight ends and sack quarterbacks -- will ever live up to his 2013 NFL draft No. 3 overall selection status. I also don’t believe he’ll live up to the low-risk contract the Seahawks probably offered him.

And all this negativity from me comes not because Jordan might get healthy. Because he wasn’t last I saw him.

Not because he’d ballooned to 280 pounds and was no longer the sleek 245-pound chiseled kid who showed up in Miami four years ago.

Not because he hasn’t played since 2014 after serving three drug suspensions.

It’s just the makeup of the guy.

Something just hasn’t been right on that side.

I’m not writing new stuff here. I’ve been writing Dion Jordan wasn’t right for months and months before he was cut by the Dolphins.

One Dolphins source told me years ago Jordan’s “gaze is hollow,” meaning there’s not a spark of life going on in there.

Another club source recently said Jordan, given a new chance to succeed in 2016 because the Dolphins brought in an entirely new coaching staff, simply didn’t have the attitude, never mind the physical ability after multiple knee surgeries, to be a part of their team.

And this: Although the Dolphins picked Jordan so, so high in the 2013 draft, they obviously either didn’t have a full rundown on him or ignored some things because I’ve been told by multiple scouts that multiple teams knew of major red flags relative to Jordan before that fateful draft.

So Jordan’s inability the past four years to factor into Miami’s plans didn’t surprise them, even as it disappointed the Dolphins and their fans.

My most memorable moments with Jordan?

Well, forget that he once covered Rob Gronkowski, running step-for-step down the field with the tight end in New England and afterward told me, “It was easy.”

The moment I most remember is when he came back from his second drug suspension in 2014 and I asked him if he could honestly say he no longer had a drug problem. And he smirked and said he didn’t. And then, his curiously bloodshot eyes quickly looked away as if seeking escape from the subject.

Months later Jordan was suspended for drugs again all of the 2015 season.

The Seahawks know all of this stuff. They obviously believe they can milk something out of Jordan that hasn’t been found by the Dolphins and was avoided by multiple teams who thought him a poor pick at any point in 2013.

The Seahawks pride themselves on their team culture and being able to accept players that don’t fit elsewhere into their culture and making it work. Making them perform.

That’s great. I hope it works, if for no other reason than Jordan could definitely benefit.

But this is a weak shot in the dark at best.

This signing is panning for gold by a riverbed that has long since dried up.

Dion Jordan getting healthy, getting his mind right, getting his attitude right. and finally becoming a productive NFL player is more a wish than a plan for the Seahawks.