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Why Jarvis Landry’s name is circulating in NFL trade circles

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry has been on the lips of some NFL teams as a possible trade target.
Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry has been on the lips of some NFL teams as a possible trade target.

This is going to be quick: Jarvis Landry is not on the trade block.


Got that?

So Jarvis fans can relax. He’s not going anywhere at this point. That also means folks frustrated by the Dolphins wide receiver’s antics — unnecessary penalties and wrong routes and such — also have to accept he’s going to be around. He’s not going anywhere at this point.

The reason this is even a thing is because earlier this week, Jeff McLane, the Eagles Insider for the Philadelphia Inquirer, was on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia and apparently he happened to mention he has heard Landry’s name circulated in trade talks.

Aaaand Dolphins social media went bonkers.

I was off Monday so I shrugged it off because I was doing really important stuff on my recliner so I didn’t chase the issue. After all, why trade your best wide receiver asset, whatever fans might think of him, who is under your control this year cheap and can be franchised or transitioned next year if he doesn’t sign a contract extension?

Landry is really good and is promising to get better so a trade is hard to fathom.

Anyway, on Tuesday I finally got around to inquiring about the Inquirer’s inadvertent report and here’s the deal:

As a matter of course, NFL teams with nothing to do make a habit of calling each other and asking each other if players on one another’s roster are available in trade. Typically, players who are good and are about to embark on the final year of their contract are often discussed in those calls.

And I’m told the Dolphins got a call or two in recent weeks about Landry.

This does not mean he’s on the trade block. This does not mean he’s about to get dealt.

This means the NFL is being the NFL. This type of stuff happens about 245 trillion times a week this time of year. It leads to an actual deal about .000003 percent of the time. (I calculated the numbers myself).

So someone did indeed call about Landry. But the Dolphins are not out there peddling their best wide receiver to the highest bidder.

Now, having said that ... everyone has a price. Everyone. And so if some team gets a wild hair about Landry and will give whatever it must to get him, I imagine the Dolphins will listen.

But, again, this is rare because a case of wild hair often precedes a general manager getting fired.

So there’s your explanation on this rumor.

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