Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins plan to play mostly up-tempo style of offense

Jarvis Landry could benefit this season from the new offense, which is expected to be mostly up-tempo.
Jarvis Landry could benefit this season from the new offense, which is expected to be mostly up-tempo.

Dolphins offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen made this clear Tuesday: This team is going to play up-tempo the majority of the time, but it will manifest itself in different ways, including some no-huddle.

“Even in the up-tempo, there are still different levels of up-tempo,” Christensen said. “Some of them will be extremely fast paced. Some will be a huddle at the line of scrimmage where we’ve got plenty of time. You want to change pitches. You want to have your fastball and a change-up.

“Just keep pushing the pace. It gives our quarterback some time at the line so all of them don’t get snapped with 22 seconds left on the clock. That’s not necessarily the intention. … One of the reasons we’re at the line of scrimmage is the tempo, for the conditioning, and for the advantage-based part of it where it looks like it’s going to be fast and then all of a sudden we can get into a play we want to get into.”

Coach Adam Gase will call the plays, but he and Christensen have similar offensive philosophies.

Any concern about having the Dolphins defense on the field a lot if the Dolphins offense plays fast but has a lot of short possessions?

“It is always a concern,” Christensen said. “If you are going to go up-tempo we have to convert first downs. The time of possession tended to be high with what we’ve done, both in Chicago and Denver and Indianapolis. We tended to be good at it and possess the football. … There will be times you don’t want to be up-tempo. [But] overall we want to be up-tempo. We want to keep attacking. I think it will be the same on defense and special teams.”

The Dolphins already are practicing fast in OTAs but Christensen said “we would expect the speed to get faster and faster. One thing about this offense: it’s hard to prepare for defensively. It’s hard to prepare for offensively, if you’re not used to it. You’ve got to play your way into shape. This is rapid fire.

“We’ve got to be in the best shape and we’ll demand defenses to be in the best shape when we play them. There is no shortcut on that. We’re not where we need to be. But everyone’s got a vision of what that’s got to be. When we really get this thing, we ought to be able to run all day and keep coming out you. That’s part of what we’re trying to sell.”


▪ Christensen, on receiver DeVante Parker missing time in the past week with an undisclosed health issue that the team insists is nothing significant: “It’s never good to miss practice because it’s new stuff. … We’ve got to have guys who practice. We need him out there as quick as possible.”

▪ Christensen said center Mike Pouncey and quarterback Ryan Tannehill “are veteran guys that work like rookies. They practice like little things are important.”

▪ Christensen said Gase “goes fast” in teaching his offense and “gets bored quickly. … Gase has a creative night and comes in with a couple new things.”