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Dolphins owner Stephen Ross: ‘Somebody [was] out to get’ Laremy Tunsil

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross endorsed the team’s decision to take Laremy Tunsil.
Dolphins owner Stephen Ross endorsed the team’s decision to take Laremy Tunsil.

Laremy Tunsil’s shocking draft-night pot video didn’t scare off the Dolphins because they believed “it [was] totally somebody out to get a guy,” Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said Saturday.

“I think a lot of work was done for months and months,” Ross said of Tunsil, who was shown smoking a bong through a gas mask. “And two hours before the draft it’s totally somebody out to get a guy. It’s not a question of this guy changed overnight. The work that we have done on him and the people we’ve talked to and even subsequently we continued that and meeting the kid, you know this is a good kid. It’s going to be a great choice.”

The Dolphins grabbed Tunsil with the 13th pick, securing the No. 2 player on their board behind Jalen Ramsey. The Dolphins would have taken linebacker Myles Jack at 13 if Tunsil was off the board.

They desperately wanted to move up to take the UCLA linebacker in the second round, but Jacksonville beat them to the punch.

Still, they emerged with a quality need pick, Baylor cornerback Xavien Howard. And Ross was ecstatic with the Dolphins giving up three picks to take Leonte Carroo late in the third round.

“They’re moving up to get the guys that they want,” Ross said. “I don’t think they trade for the sake of trading. There wasn’t any of that. Those were the guys they wanted. Like Carroo when they saw how they could go down and get Carroo, who we had as a No. 2. We thought he was the second-best receiver in the draft.”

When asked his view on the first two days of the draft, Ross said: “I like it. We got four players we wanted, everybody wanted. When you see that happening, every round after every choice you could just see these guys were thrilled. The position coaches came in, the scouts came in, everybody was high-fiving. It was pretty exciting. You saw a type of environment that I hadn’t seen before.”

Ross also shed more light on the research the Dolphins had done on Tunsil before he became Miami’s unanimous first-round choice:

“Everything I've talked to people about him, his coach -- I talked to his coach in high school -- he's a really good kid,” Ross said. “He's thrilled to be here.”

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