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Kiper on Dolphins: Hargreaves probably only corner worth taking at 13

Is Vernon Hargreaves the pick at 13 for the Dolphins? Who knows?
Is Vernon Hargreaves the pick at 13 for the Dolphins? Who knows? AP

The Dolphins need a corner. And the Dolphins will take a corner, probably early, in next week’s draft.

But ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper said their options could be limited to one player: Florida’s Vernon Hargreaves.

While other top prospects, like Eli Apple of Ohio State and William Jackson III of Houston, will likely be on the board when the Dolphins go on the clock (assuming they don’t trade up or back), Kiper thinks Miami would make a mistake to pick anyone but Hargreaves.

“He doesn't have great height, doesn't have great length,” Kiper said. “Only ran a 4.5 40, but he supports the run, he tackles well and he does, I thought, a decent job in coverage.”

Two questions: Will he be there at 13? And is he the right scheme fit?

The Dolphins just got rid of one diminutive corner (Brent Grimes) and replaced him with a bruiser (Byron Maxwell). Why go backwards with Hargreaves, who is just 5-10?

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Kiper, who appeared on a conference call Monday with reporters from across the country, wasn’t exactly effusive in his praise of Hargreaves either. He just believes that Hargreaves is the best of the bunch after Florida State’s Jalen Ramsey.

“He was beaten over the top some,” Kiper said of Hargreaves. “I think he'll bite a little bit and won't have the recovery ability to make up that ground in a hurry, but he's a veteran, he's a confident kid.”

He added: “I don't think he's an elite corner though. I think he's a No. 2 corner. I don't think he can be a lockdown corner. I don't think he's a guy you want on the best receiver on the opposition all the time, but I think he's a good football player and he makes sense there.”

What if the Dolphins pass on corner in Round 1 and target one in Round 2?

“Kendall Fuller could be the steal of the draft,” Kiper said of the Virginia Tech defensive back.