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Report: Miami Dolphins’ Derrick Shelby made contact with officer during incident

Dolphins defensive end Derrick Shelby
Dolphins defensive end Derrick Shelby

An argumentative and drunk Derrick Shelby grabbed the arm of a cop trying to bar him from a Fort Lauderdale nightclub early Saturday, according to police documents made public Tuesday.

The officer, Zachary Baro, then gripped Shelby’s head and shoulder area, causing them both to fall to the ground – face-first, in Shelby’s case. That could explain why Shelby’s face appeared bloodied in his resulting mug shot.

Cops ultimately hit Shelby with three blasts from a stun gun before finally subduing him and taking him into custody, Baro’s written report stated. Shelby, a Miami Dolphins defensive lineman, was ultimately charged with resisting arrest without violence and trespassing, both misdemeanors.

The Dolphins have suspended him indefinitely as they gather more information on Shelby’s bye-week altercation.

It all began when Shelby was kicked out of Cyn nightclub, in downtown Fort Lauderdale, about 2 a.m. after reportedly touching women without their permission.

Fort Lauderdale police on Tuesday released surveillance video from outside the club from the moments leading up to the arrest, but obstruction from palm trees and poor video quality made it difficult to see what exactly happened.

Here’s what police say happened, according to a new report released to the public Tuesday:

Outside of Cyn early Saturday, Shelby was told repeatedly by a female police officer that he had been issued a trespass warning and needed to leave. He ignored her, then took out his camera and began video recording the officer.

One reason Shelby was so adamant about re-entering the club was he wanted to “face his accuser,” according to a Cyn employee.

The cop ultimately escorted Shelby away from the front of the business, along with the group of people that had gathered.

Another officer, Baro, then approached Shelby and also told him to leave. Shelby’s eyes were glassy and bloodshot, his words were slurred, and Baro smelled alcohol.

“I put up my left hand in an effort to stop Shelby from returning to the business,” Baro said. “Shelby made contact with my hand.”

Baro gave Shelby a push to create space between the two – which the Dolphins player did not appreciate. Shelby became angry, told Baro not to touch him, and tried to enter the club again.

“I again moved my left hand up in an attempt to stop Shelby,” Baro said. “As my hand made contact with Shelby’s chest, Shelby grabbed my left arm and pushed it away as he tried to return to the club.”

That was enough to earn an arrest, in Baro’s mind. Getting the 6-2, 282-pound Shelby into custody, however, wasn’t quite so easy.

He grabbed Shelby’s right arm and attempted to bring it around his back. Shelby resisted, and Baro lost his grip. That’s when Baro grabbed Shelby around the head, and both ended up tumbling to the ground. Cops tasered Shelby three times before finally subduing him.

Afterward, Baro said he saw his right arm was covered in blood – not his own. It was from Shelby’s lip, which was busted open.

NFL arrests in 2014

As of Tuesday, 43 NFL players have been arrested, detained or cited this year, according to USA Today. Here are some notable ones:

▪ Jan. 17: Davone Bess, Browns WR (ex-Dolphin), assault, disorderly conduct

▪ Feb. 15: Ray Rice, Ravens RB, Domestic violence

▪ Feb. 20: Fred Davis, Redskins TE, DUI

▪ March 21: Adewale Ojomo, Titans DE (ex-Cane), Solicitation

▪ April 13: Aldon Smith, 49ers LB, Disorderly conduct

▪ May 5 and May 30: Marcell Dareus, Bills DT, Drug possession; Reckless driving (separate incidents)

▪ May 13: Greg Hardy, Panthers DE, Domestic violence

▪ June 9: Sean Smith, Chiefs CB (ex-Dolphin), DUI

▪ June 29: John Abraham, Cardinals LB, DUI

▪ July 5: Josh Gordon, Browns WR, DUI

▪ Sept. 11: Adrian Peterson, Child abuse (indicted)

▪ Sept. 17: Jonathan Dwyer, Cardinals RB, Domestic violence

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