Miami Dolphins

After four lopsided losses, does the Flores Way need revision?

Brian Flores learned most everything he knows about coaching from Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots.

But that doesn’t mean he’s running everything exactly the Patriot Way. He’s incorporated other life experiences into his approach to team building. And that approach may someday work.

Still, there’s been enough bad a month into his first season as a head coach that on Thursday he suggested he’s open to some tweaks, if not wholesale revisions.

When asked by a local reporter Thursday how he keeps the team believing in his methods if they’re not translating into wins (or even competitive games), Flores responded:

“At the end of the day, maybe that process needs to change. From a work standpoint, from a trying-to-improve, get-better standpoint, that’s the only way I know. I think continually getting better in practice, continuing to get better in execution, continually working to improve the communication, from my experience over time, that works. We’ll continue to do that. I’ve seen that from this team. I think that’s what [Daniel] Kilgore was mentioning. I think you’ve seen some of those things on a daily basis and if we just keep continuing to do that and the process is right, the results normally take care of themselves.”

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Flores has stressed the basics with the league’s youngest team, preaching discipline, accountability, tunnel vision and hard work. Training camp was the hardest of many Dolphins’ career. But that full-throttle style can get old if players start to think it’s wasted effort.

Kilgore, the Dolphins’ starting center and offensive captain, doesn’t seem to have a problem with it.

He was impassioned (and perhaps a bit irritated) about, in the leadup to this weekend’s Battle of the Beatens, fans who are rooting for the Dolphins to lose on Sunday, and every Sunday until they secure the top overall pick in April’s draft.

“We still have a job to do,” Kilgore said. “We’re paid to go out and win ballgames and obviously we’re not winning ballgames. We’ve got to do our jobs better. I’m still competitor. This team is going to compete its [butt] off and we’re going to go out on Sunday and play to win. As much as I’m sure that everybody wants us to lose and secure that No. 1 overall pick, I don’t give a damn. We’re going to go out and win.”

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