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Ryan Fitzpatrick remains Miami Dolphins starting QB, but check back again Wednesday

Ryan Fitzpatrick remains the Dolphins’ starting quarterback.

But check back again Wednesday.

That, like everything else surrounding Miami’s lineup, can change.

Dolphins coach Brian Flores, when asked who is starting quarterback is, responded, “it’s Fitz.”

But ....

“But after a couple of weeks like that, we’re evaluating all positions. ... We haven’t made any final decisions yet.”

Which means the door remains cracked open for Josh Rosen to start Sunday against the Cowboys.

Fitzpatrick is by far the league’s lowest-rated qualifying quarterback in 2019 at 39.9.

He threw two interception for touchdowns Sunday against the Patriots, including an inexcusable one across his body into the middle of the field.

So his leash is short, even if he’s the Dolphins’ Week 3 starter.

But he is not part of their future, and players that fall under that category are usually available for trade.

And with two of the league’s top two quarterbacks — Ben Roethlisberger and Drew Brees — dealing with serious injuries, some have wondered:

Might a team call about Fitzpatrick?

“Those conversations that we have, there are calls that are made on a daily basis for every team about players,” Flores said. “There are talks every day. But those conversations are all confidential and they’re internal. I like Fitz and I like Rosen. I like a lot of players on this team. No, we have not had those conversations. That’s where we’re at.”

Back to Rosen: He completed just 7 of 18 passes Sunday for 89 and threw an interception, but he also had two deep passes dropped.

Rosen “made some good throws,” Flores said. “We could have helped him out by catching a couple of those passes.”

When asked Monday what Rosen needs to do start, Flores said: ““Do a good job in meetings, walk-throughs and practice.”

Flores was also asked directly if he would like to find a way to keep Minkah Fitzpatrick on the Dolphins’ roster. He noticeably did not say “yes.”

“Well, he’s here. He played well yesterday and we’ll go through the Cowboys tape and find a role how we feel is best for him and the group. I thought he played well and hopefully he continues to play well.”

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