Miami Dolphins

No ‘mutiny’ yet. Flores says no players have asked for trade since Ravens loss

It’s certainly possible that a handful of Dolphins players want out after the worst loss in team history.

But they just haven’t expressed that to Brian Flores or Chris Grier.

That’s the best way to interpret Flores’ response to a question about the validity of Pro Football Talk’s report Sunday, which stated that “multiple” Dolphins players told their agents after Sunday’s game “to engineer trades elsewhere.”

The headline?

“Early mutiny in Miami.”

“I can’t really speak to the accuracy of that one,” Flores said. “We haven’t received any information like that. I think for us we just need to focus on what’s going on inside our building and not worry about anything that’s gone on outside.

“I think we’ve got to get better from a fundamental standpoint, from a communication standpoint, really overall,” Flores continued. “And that’s the goal right now. Anything else that’s going on outside we need to just focus on what’s going on in our building.”

While we don’t know who the source or sources of that report are, there’s one name we can cross off the list: Xavien Howard.

The Pro Bowl cornerback did not ask for trade Sunday. The Dolphins have told him they value him and want him to stay.

Flores took 16 minutes worth of questions on his team’s debacle against the Ravens, a 59-10 loss that set all kinds of terrible records.

Flores’ take?

“I was disappointed in really all three phases. And that starts with me, I didn’t think we coached well enough, we didn’t play well enough. We’ve got a long way to go.”

But Flores was just getting started ...

“Obviously I didn’t do a good enough job getting this team prepared to play. But there was definitely some things we could do better as a team in all three phases and we’ll be better. We’ll get better.”

So no ducking. No equivocating. No defensiveness.

Will it make any difference with a team exposed Sunday as woefully inadequate?

Who knows?

But any issues Flores already has with his locker room or will have going forward will be decidedly different than Gase, who frustrated key veterans last year with excuse-making and favorite-playing.

That’s the good news coming out of Dolphins HQ Monday.

But there was much more bad to cover, and Flores did in detail.

The Dolphins seemed doomed from the start, and showed a remarkable lack of intensity, focus and preparedness for a season opener.

”We wanted to start fast, we didn’t do that,” Flores said. “We did in the kicking game, we started fast that way but defensively we didn’t start fast, offensively we didn’t start fast, everything went the other way. When you don’t play well against a good team, you don’t execute, that’s what happens. So we’ve got a lot of work to do and that’s what we’re going to do.”

The Dolphins allowed 265 rushing yards (on 46 carries), and 49 of those came on Mark Ingram power run the first play of the season.

“We didn’t tackle well at all,” Flores explained. “The things we talk about defensively, tackling is at the forefront, setting an edge is at the forefront, communication, we didn’t do those things well. So those will be things we harp on, that we have harped on, and we’ll continue to harp on and harp on even more in the coming days.”

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