Miami Dolphins

Podcast: Regular-season edition tackles Tunsil trade fallout, Patriots OL formula, more

The Miami Dolphins’ regular season is only days away.

And so in this regular-season edition of the Dolphins In Depth podcast star-of-the-show Adam Beasley and caddie-of-the-show Armando Salguero explain the difference between “what if” and “what is” when two NFL teams exchange a cornerstone player for multiple first-round picks.

That discussion includes the metrics on the chances of getting a player as good as Laremy Tunsil and more with their future picks.

The podcast discusses the New England philosophy of building offensive lines and how that affects the Dolphins in the future.

The podcast discusses the Dolphins recent draft history and how that affects the confidence of what the Dolphins can do with their bounty of future draft picks.

The podcast discusses exactly how young the Dolphins are.

The podcast discusses what’s going on with the Miami offensive line and recounts the highlights of its recent history.

It’s a fun, information packed way of spending 20 minutes for any Miami Dolphins fan.

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