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Dolphins’ Brian Flores takes team to task about sloppy preseason scrimmage

What the Dolphins defensive coaches want to see at Saturday’s scrimmage at Hard Rock Stadium

What the Miami Dolphins defensive coaches want to see at Saturday's scrimmage at Hard Rock Stadium, August 1, 2019.
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What the Miami Dolphins defensive coaches want to see at Saturday's scrimmage at Hard Rock Stadium, August 1, 2019.

If you even have a passing knowledge of Brian Flores’ coaching philosophy, you will know what was coming after Saturday’s flag-fest scrimmage:

“We want to be a disciplined ball club,” Flores said Monday. “I think that there were too many penalties in the scrimmage the other day. [The players] heard about that and they understand that.”

Flores added: “That’s something we need to work on. It starts with me, I’ll say that. Our goals moving forward, and even every day, are the same. We want a clean operation. We want 11 guys in the huddle, the right 11 guys. We want to get in and out of the huddle quickly. We want to have good communication. We want to play fast. We want to have good, sound fundamentals and technique.“

Every coach on every level wants to eliminate mistakes.

But some coaches have enough talent on their roster to overcome them.

The Dolphins, picked by some to finish last in not only the division, but the entire league, are not one of those.

And so field position, turnover margin and yes, penalties, might be the difference between an encouraging season and an awful one.

“I think when people think of football, and they think of touchdowns and sacks, they don’t think about penalties and negative plays ad being in good field position,” Flores said. “Nobody thinks about those things. Those are how you lose games, those are how you lose opportunities to score points to put yourself in good position. Those are the little things that are very important.

“We need to be good at those things to give ourselves a chance,” he continued. “The team knows that. I think that’s the case for every team in this league. Again it’s early. We’ve got an opportunity to right those wrongs. That will be an ongoing thing the entire year, to have a clean operation, play with discipline, play with poise, play penalty free, limit the turnovers. If we do those things, we’ll give ourselves a chance. If we don’t, it’s hard. It’s hard in this league if you don’t do those things.”

Despite Josh Rosen’s strong week of practice (and Ryan Fitzpatrick’s struggles in the scrimmage), Fitzpatrick remains ahead of Rosen, both on the first depth chart of the season and in the coach’s internal evaluations.

Flores’ explanation: “I would say both guys are doing well. I think some of the things Ryan did. I like some of the things Josh did. This is a good QB competition. I’ll stick by what I said last week. I think Josh, I think Jake [Rudock] went in there and did some good things as well. This is going to be an ongoing process. Preseason games will tell us a lot. Practice will tell us a lot. We’ll just keep going I think all three guys are working. And the best man will win.”

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