Miami Dolphins

Ryan Fitzpatrick the early leader in Dolphins’ quarterback battle, Flores says

The Dolphins’ coaching staff has seen the same thing that anyone who has watched more than five minutes of training camp has noticed:

“It’s pretty clear to me that Ryan Fitzpatrick is leading the way,” Brian Flores told reporters Tuesday.

For Flores, it’s the first time since the quarterback battle between Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen began in May that he has named a front-runner.

“He’s been more productive,” Flores explained. “At the end of the day, that’s what it comes down to.” Flores added that Fitzpatrick runs the offense “efficiently. ... Ryan’s done a really good job.”

So why the change in philosophy? It’s not like Rosen has been terrible or Fitzpatrick great the last couple of practices.

And Fitzpatrick has gotten almost all of the first-team 11-on-11 snaps, with Rosen only on the field when Fitzpatrick had to run as punishment for botching a snap.

Perhaps Flores wanted to remind Rosen, the former No. 10 overall pick, that nothing on this team is given, but must be earned.

Maybe Flores wanted to change the narrative the day after he fired offensive line coach Pat Flaherty.

But whatever his motivation, it will set up for an interesting afternoon. Both Fitzpatrick, a 15-year veteran who even Chris Grier has acknowledged is not the team’s future, and Rosen — who the Dolphins surrendered a second-round pick to acquire — will speak to reporters after Tuesday’s practice.

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