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How will the Miami Dolphins’ defense look schematically? We got a few hints Tuesday

Davon Godchaux is a 4-3 defensive tackle.

The Dolphins might not run a ton of 4-3 fronts in 2019.

So how will they use him — and a bunch of other capable players who might not be ideal system fits?

“I’ve been doing nose [tackle], I’m in three technique, but at the end of the day, I’m doing what the coach tells me is best for the team,” Godchaux said Tuesday following the team’s first practice of 2019. “.... If he says, ‘Godchaux, go out and play 3-4 end, I’m going to do it to the best of my abilities.’”

Godchaux added: “I did a little bit of everything [Tuesday].”

Versatility is like gold on a Brian Flores team. And that’s doubly true in Patrick Graham’s defense, which is expected to draw heavily from the Patriots’ scheme.

And yes, that might mean using Godchaux, who is listed at 315 pounds, at nose tackle — a position that needs considerable heft.

So does nose tackle suit his skill set?

“It don’t matter,” Godchaux responded. “Once you come out here, you drill a drill, Coach wants you to line up, do the technique. I feel like any position on the D-line, you have to be ready to play.”

Tuesday was a bit like the first day of school, but instead of learning where to sit, Dolphins defenders were learning the playbook.

So Godchaux was a bit short on specifics about what will be different in 2019. But he does know enough about Flores to make this prediction:

“We’re going to run. We’re going to be the most in-shape team, I can tell you that.”

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