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The Dolphins’ new staff reveals much about Brian Flores, both as a coach and as a man

The Dolphins made 13 new and returning assistant coaches available on Friday, and were gracious enough to transcribe every word they said.

In the coming days, we’ll use that library of information to help flush out some details about the staff Brian Flores has assembled.

But first, we thought it best to share what the group of men who followed Flores to Miami (and in a few cases, stayed here) think about the Dolphins’ latest head coach.

Some have known him for decades. Other did not meet him until recently.

But all paint a similar picture.

Jim Caldwell, assistant head coach/quarterbacks

Connection to Flores: A friendship blossomed out of mutual respect.

How he plans to help Flores, given his experience in the league: “First of all, he doesn’t need much help in that regard. He is excellent. He’s a guy that has great vision and foresight. Really, what I’m here for is I’m just here to help him do whatever he asks me to do. We have some very capable coaches. I know when you’re referring to experience, you’re probably talking about age as well. Nevertheless, that’s a kind way of saying it. Pat Flaherty has been around a bit as well. There’s been a number of these guys. Even though they may be somewhat youthful as you look at it in terms of the experience as coordinators, they’ve had coordinating abilities for years. They’re very sharp guys, very bright, and my job is just to serve, just to help wherever I can.”

Danny Cross, special teams coordinator

Connection to Flores: Met at league functions while Flores was a special teams assistant in New England from 2008-2010.

Thoughts on joining the Dolphins: “I’m obviously super excited to be on the front end of this thing with Coach Flores. He and I have similar beliefs and similar core values, what it takes to win as a team in all three phases, the type of players, the type of people we’re looking for. So I’m very excited.”

Chad O’Shea, offensive coordinator

Connection to Flores: Worked together in New England from 2009-2018.

Why he followed Flores to Miami: “I believe in Brian as a leader. I think that what he believes and what I believe are aligned the same. His core beliefs and what he sees in a football team and what he sees in people are very similar to what I believe. It starts off with we’re aligned in that area. I have a great deal of respect for him a leader, as a coach. More importantly, I have a great deal of respect for him as a person. I have full confidence in his ability to lead the Miami Dolphins. I’m so excited to work for Brian and work with the coaching staff that he has assembled.”

Patrick Graham, defensive coordinator

Connection to Flores: Shared an office in New England a decade ago.

What he values most about Flores: “He’s been an example for me in terms of consistency. If you ask me about coach, he is selfless. All the stuff you talk about with the team, he is selfless. He puts the team first above all else. And the fact that he’s so consistent with it, I admire it, because by nature I’m very moody. My wife says it’s because I’m an Aquarius. Whatever. There’s a picture of an Aquarius, you could put me next to that picture. I had to fight that because of the example I’ve seen. I’ve always admired his consistency and how he’s able to be able to be consistent every day. And that’s something I learned from him.”

Marion Hobby, defensive line coach

Connection to Flores: Mutual friends and acquaintances, including Dolphins general manager Chris Grier.

On Flores’ approach to coaching: “I think he makes it clear of what he’s looking forward. He wants to build that winning culture, the cultural belief. Everybody in the building is very important to him and how you treat people. He was interested in hiring great people and that was a compliment to get a call knowing that’s what he’s looking for. He makes it clear of what he wants.”

George Godsey, tight ends coach

Connection to Flores: Worked together in New England from 2011-2013.

If Flores is a screamer: “I think everybody kind of has different coaching techniques, but you do whatever is necessary to get what you want out of it. We’re happy to be around here, we’re happy to have him as our leader. He’s intelligent, very detailed and doesn’t spend a lot of time wishy-washing with what he wants. I think that’s what we all expect and that’s what we all like.”

Tony Oden, safeties coach

Connection to Flores: Never worked together, but became friendly over the years. Carry-over from Adam Gase’s staff.

What struck him about Flores when they discussed philosophies: “I knew he had great leadership characteristics just from talking. You know it when you see it. It’s like most, you feel it, you see it and you taste it. Those things haven’t changed. They’ve just been reiterated once you get to spend more time (with him). He’s going to do a great job because his message is always going to be the same – clear, direct, to the point – and everyone is always going to know where they stand.”

Adam Beasley has covered the Dolphins for the Miami Herald since 2012, and has worked for the newspaper since 2006. He is a graduate of Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Communications and has written about sports professionally since 1996.
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