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Clarity on Howard’s offseason plans, including latest on his future with the Dolphins

Xavien Howard wanted to make Pro Bowl since rookie year.

Xavien Howard admits to wanting to be selected to the Pro Bowl since he was a rookie.
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Xavien Howard admits to wanting to be selected to the Pro Bowl since he was a rookie.

Xavien Howard has assured his agent, Revolution Sports’ Damarius Bilbo, that he will not change representation during Bilbo’s three-month suspension, Bilbo told the Miami Herald on Thursday.

Furthermore, Bilbo does not expect the Dolphins to trade Howard this offseason, even though his client has said he wants the most lucrative contract for a cornerback ever and the Dolphins are in rebuild mode.

What’s more, Bilbo pushed back against the whispers league-wide that his suspension, handed down by the NFL Players Association for “violations of the regulations governing contract advisors,” was at all related to him poaching players from other agencies.

“I respect this industry too much,” Bilbo said. “I never have tampered with clients.”

Instead, Bilbo says his suspension was a result of a clerical mix-up. South Florida-based sports and entertainment attorney Darren Heitner shed further light on the matter his website,

Bilbo, Heitner’s report states, was late in wiring marketing money owed to ex-Dolphin and Revolution Sports client Jarvis Landry some time back, and once the NFLPA got wind of it, punished Bilbo, even though Landry did not fire his agent or want him suspended.

Why is this important to Dolphins fans? Howard is eligible for a long-term contract extension beginning March 13, and Bilbo will not be able to negotiate one until his suspension ends later that month.

But Howard will not be without representation. Fletcher Smith and Trevon Smith, Bilbo’s colleagues at Revolution, will represent the Pro Bowl cornerback while Bilbo serves out his suspension. Howard recently assured Bilbo that he will not drop him, which had to be disappointing news for others in the industry who had hoped Howard would become available.

Howard wants a multi-year contract paying him in excess on $15 million a year, and while Bilbo would not comment on the specifics of any negotiations with the Dolphins, did say he believes Howard will play for Miami in 2019.

“Looking at the past, with Miami trading away good players, I don’t see that continuing to happen,” Bilbo said. “It looks like they will keep and reward the younger guys that they’re producing.”

Bilbo added that he has a good relationship with Chris Grier, the head of the Dolphins’ football operations, and does not believe the at-times acrimonious Jarvis Landry negotiations last offseason will have an impact on Howard’s future with the organization.

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