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Dan Marino denies report that he’s evaluating Joe Philbin, Ryan Tannehill for Miami Dolphins

Special advisor Dan Marino on Tuesday gave the most comprehensive explanation of his role with the Miami Dolphins since being hired in August and it most definitely does not include reporting to owner Stephen Ross on head coach Joe Philbin or quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

In talking about his new role Marino shot down a report by Bleacher Report that stated the Hall of Fame player is this season evaluating Tannehill and Philbin and was “not impressed” with Philbin — particularly the coach’s handling of Tannehill.

“This whole thing with the thing [Bleacher Reportt] said, there’s not once in this whole situation where Mr. Ross has asked me, ‘Hey you have to sit down and evaluate Joe Philbin or Ryan Tannehill,’” Marino said by phone. “My whole thing from the beginning has been to support on the football side, be excited about being back in the organization and as far as the community stuff, working on the sponsorship side — things like going over to meet with some of the sponsors in London. And that’s really it.

“I don’t know where [Bleacher Report] got this information.”

Marino has met Tannehill and had dinner with him once. But he has not been with Tannehill a lot. The two have never been on the field together, Marino has never thrown with Tannehill nor tried to coach Tannehill.

And that’s not likely to change in the near future.

“That’s not my role,” Marino said. “I’m going to be around and be supportive. I’m just happy to be back and be part of the organization. But none of that other stuff.”


Philbin praised Lamar Miller’s performance in Sunday’s loss against Kansas City, in which the starting tailback rushed for a team-leading 108 yards.

Miller was lone highlight of the running game, as Knowshon Moreno continues to sit with a dislocated elbow.

“I thought his vision was very good,” Philbin said. “He had both decisiveness and patience at the same time. There were a couple of runs I saw where he did a really nice job kind of having a little patience, waiting for the hole to open and then he accelerated through the hole. Other times he saw it, went quick — I thought he read the football well.

“Next step is let’s make a couple of safeties miss now, the next level is let’s really turn some of these, you know he had a 24-yard maybe, a 15-yard, turn some of those into even bigger ones.”

Moreno appeared for the first time in the Dolphins’ locker room since taking a hit to his arm Week 2 at Buffalo. Moreno, who declined comment, wore a sleeve and a brace on his injured left arm.

There was concern Moreno had fractured his arm after he was hurt, but the running back was never seen wearing a cast. He is privately targeting Miami’s Week 6 game against Green Bay for his return.


Defensive lineman Terrence Fede, the seventh-round pick from Marist who has not practiced since injuring his knee during preseason, was on field for the first time Tuesday.

Thigpen returns

The Dolphins signed Marcus Thigpen, who served as the team’s primary returner for the past two seasons but was cut and signed by New England at the beginning of the season, to their 10-man practice squad Tuesday after releasing former UM standout Tommy Streeter.

Thigpen was with the Patriots for Miami’s season opener against New England. The good-humored returner admitted the timing of the deal felt odd, although the Patriots didn’t press him for information as much as he thought they would.

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