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His agent torched the Dolphins. On Monday, DeVante Parker tried to put out the fire.

DeVante Parker’s agent might think Adam Gase is a dishonest coach who has done his client wrong.

But Parker insists he does not think that way.

A day after James Gould, who has represented Parker since he entered the NFL in 2015, blasted Gase for making Parker inactive, the fourth-year wide receiver distanced himself from those inflammatory comments.

When asked if he agrees with Gould about Gase, Parker responded:

“No I don’t. I can’t control what people say. He’s a grown man. He says what he says. I can’t control what he says. I don’t feel that way about coach though.”

Parker and Gase met Monday to discuss the distraction, which was a topic of conversation on national outlets over the last 24 hours.

While Parker would not disclose what was said, it does seem the issue was resolved between the two men.

“It did not make anything awkward,” Parker said. “My relationship is good with him. We talked about it. No bad feelings for one another.”

Parker told reporters late Monday evening that he did not know (and obviously did not green-light) Gould was going to take Gase to ask in an acerbic press release.

Parker said “it probably would have been best” if Gould gave him a heads up.

At issue: the Dolphins’ decision to sit Parker in three games this year that Gould believes he should have played.

Parker, who suffered a quad injury three weeks ago and hasn’t played since, said he is “100 percent.”

That’s good news, because the Dolphins need him. Albert Wilson and Kenny Stills will both miss Thursday’s game against the Texans due to injury, so Parker will not only play, he will probably start.

And Parker said that neither he nor Gould want to force the Dolphins to trade or release him.

“No, that’s not the case at all,” Parker said. “He wants me here. He wants me to go out there and play with my teammates. .... Of course I want to be here. I don’t want to be anywhere else.”

Parker told the Miami Herald that despite his differences with Gould, he will remain his agent.

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