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The Dolphins’ Danny Amendola perfectly sums up the difference between Gase and Belichick

Danny Amendola and Adam Gase are more friends than coach and player, the Dolphins' new receiver told Barstool Sports.
Danny Amendola and Adam Gase are more friends than coach and player, the Dolphins' new receiver told Barstool Sports.

Danny Amendola spent five successful years playing for Bill Belichick.

He’s spent about five minutes with Adam Gase.

Who does he prefer?

We’ll let him answer that for you.

Amendola, appearing on Barstool Sports’ Comeback SZN podcast, did a personality contrast of the AFC East’s oldest and youngest coaches.

His answer, per ProFootballTalk:

“Coach Gase is one of the guys, one of the boys, and you want to fight hard for your boys. Back in New England, it’s almost like you’ve got a principal, the principal’s office and s--- like that.”

Whoa. To be clear, Amendola respects Belichick. He called the five-time Super Bowl champ “the greatest coach of all time.” But now on the far side of 30, Amendola seems to prefer a coach who treats him like a peer, not a pupil.

Amendola said that spending the offseason in Miami has “been great. ... It’s worked out amazing. All the guys are cool. The team is cool, my group is cool. The coaches are awesome. Coach Gase is one of the guys. He’s our leader, he’s our head coach, but he’s also our boy. So it’s cool. It’s refreshing to have that kind of relationship with a coach, something I haven’t had in a long time. I Facetimed coach Gase yesterday just to bulls---- with him, just to talk to him. I was talking to his kids. I have a relationship with him that’s real unique, something I haven’t had in a while.”

Amendola added that he was drawn to Gase’s vibe “from the jump” in free agency.

Landing Amendola was a bit part of Gase’s offseason mission to change the culture in his locker room. Dysfunction of years past returned, and Gase decided that bringing in veteran winners was the best way to change that.

Danny Amendola, Miami Dolphins WR, talks to the media for the first time after being acquired in a trade from the New England Patriots.

Of course, not everything was hunky-dory in Foxborough last year, either. There were reports that the dynasty was starting to fray, with friction between Belichick, Tom Brady and Robert Kraft.

Asked about that by Boston-centric Barstool, Amendola responded:

“There’s not really much truth to [the rumors], to tell you the truth. There is always going to be some friction between a coach and a player in a business… some things are fair in this game/business. Some things aren’t fair. There’s a lot that goes into it. You’re a product to them. And in turn, knowing as a player for the organization that you have to do what’s best for your family and your body and your team.

Miami Dolphins cornerback Bobby McCain gets friendly with newly acquired and former New England Patriot receiver Danny Amendola during OTAs.

“Personally, I can’t speak for Tom or Bill. But I know that regardless of business — and I have mixed feelings of how business is done [in New England] — I know for a fact that Coach Belichick is one of the best coaches of all time. He has all of his players respect. I know Tom would say that same thing. I know Gronk would say the same thing, regardless of how they feel about their contracts or certain situation or whatever may be going down.”

Dolphins fans will get their first in-person look at Amendola next Thursday, when the team’s 52nd training camp opens.

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