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DeVante Parker takes his beef with ex-Dolphin Chris Chambers public

Dolphins receiver DeVante Parker, shown practicing last month, is not pleased with what he's hearing from Chris Chambers.
Dolphins receiver DeVante Parker, shown practicing last month, is not pleased with what he's hearing from Chris Chambers.

Well, that escalated quickly.

DeVante Parker on Sunday took a shot at the Miami Dolphins' fourth-leading receiver of all time, writing on Twitter that "nobody cares about [Chris Chambers'] opinion."

The tweet was in response to Chambers' ranking of Dolphins receivers heading in this week minicamp. Chambers, who had 405 catches for 5,688 yards and 43 touchdowns in seven seasons with Miami, listed Parker third behind Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson for the Five Reasons Sports Network.

But there's more to the story.

Parker might have already been irritated by Chambers' criticism of Parker in the pages of the Miami Herald.

Back on May 25, our Barry Jackson reported that Chambers, who runs a fitness center in Davie that trains NFL players, had reached out to Parker “several times to offer my assistance to speed up his growth curve” but never heard back.

Shawn Jefferson, Miami Dolphins WR coach, says receiver DeVante Parker "is a monster...he will be invited to the monster ball".

“He was even seeing my secret weapon Dr. Peter Marciante Chiro [an extremity expert] to help with his health but he didn’t stay consistent to see the benefits through the course of an NFL season,” Chambers said. “Just a couple visits…. “Guys like AB [Antonio Brown] pride themselves on keeping themselves in top condition with nutrition therapy and training, plus adequate rest and recovery tools. When it gets to [the] season, it’s way easier when you take it to that level. NFL is a shorter career and you should do everything possible to prolong it. I don’t think he has developed a consistent routine and the right team of doctors and trainers to help him get to that level. I would love to offer that plus my guidance.” Chambers said: “I don’t know if he fully gets what it means to be a pro. [Athleticism] and talent only last so long. Hard work, dedication and technique will take you a longer way when you add it on top of talent.”

Parker, a first-round pick in 2015, has struggled with conditioning and his health in his four years as a pro, and in turn has yet to have the break-out season the team has long expected. Parker has not had more than 57 catches, 744 yards and four touchdowns in any NFL season.

And yet, the Dolphins picked up his fifth year option earlier this offseason — although he will probably have to play better than he has so far in his career to see that money.

The Dolphins are optimistic this will be his year, even if they are more guarded with their praise than in years past.

Chambers appeared on the Five Reasons podcast, and spoke at length about Parker. That audio is available here.

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