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Wife of Miami Dolphins’ Brent Grimes chirping on Twitter

Earlier this week, Sports Illustrated announced its Twitter 100, a compilation of must-follows on social media.

Miko Grimes was not on this year’s list. But the way she’s going, she might be in 2014.

Grimes is the wife of Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes, and she’s an absolute master of the 140-character medium.

While Brent Grimes is content to keep things low-key, his better half makes news seemingly every week with her irreverent, searing and downright hilarious posts.

In the last week alone, she flipped off and cursed out bigoted Falcons fans, took a veiled shot at Charles Woodson’s past-his-prime performance against the Broncos and retweeted an amorous message from an imposter Jeff Ireland account.

All this free entertainment was available on Twitter at @iHeartMiko, an account that inexplicably has only 1,400 or so followers.

“Brent is very passive person,” Miko Grimes said. “He does things and doesn’t say things. I’ve decided to be his voice, the devil on his shoulders sometimes.

She added: “I don’t believe people should put me in this mold of a football wife, because everybody’s different.”

Brent and Miko met through mutual friends in Atlanta, where he was an emerging football star and she was a sports talk radio host and former basketball player.

A year later, they got hitched in Vegas — Brent wore a tuxedo T-shirt — and Miko gave birth to their son Aiden. While that put her career on pause, it didn’t stop Miko from making a mark on the Atlanta sports market.

Her smartphone became her microphone.

She is Grimes’ biggest fan, and has a forum to prove it. Miko has mixed it up with Atlanta fans and reporters who, in her eyes, didn’t treat her husband with the proper respect. And when the Falcons elected to part ways with Grimes after he tore his Achilles, she pulled no punches.

“I thought my husband has done everything to earn a multiyear contract,” she said. “I feel like, [the Falcons] paid a lot of people who came and went, and they never wanted to pay him.”

But it wasn’t until Brent’s 30th birthday just before his first training camp with the Dolphins that she really went national. Miko posted a picture of his naughty birthday cake on Instagram, which depicted a sex act between man and wife.

Deadspin picked up the story, and suddenly, she was a social media legend.

“We’ve been doing these cakes for years,” she said. “It’s always X-rated; that embarrasses him. It’s our way of shocking him every year.”

In the Dolphins’ locker room earlier this week, Grimes simply chuckled when asked about his wife’s eye-opening missives. She’s just as funny in person, he said, and that’s a big reason he married her.

But that’s only part of who she is, he added. Far out of public view, she nursed him back to health after his Achilles injury, cooking and cleaning up after him while immobilized.

She also arranged a phone conversation with Hawks legend Dominique Wilkins, who sustained the same injury in the early-1990s.

The talk with Wilkins lifted Grimes’ spirits. Wilkins made a full recovery and won the NBA’s comeback player of the year award after his surgery. There’s a parallel there; Grimes has bounced back to become one of the league’s top corners through the season’s first three weeks.

Still unknown: If the entertaining Grimes family is here to stay. Grimes is on a one-year contract; they want to remain in Miami past 2013.

If so, it will be an interesting union — buttoned-down, closed-mouthed Joe Philbin and say-anything Miko Grimes. Despite a top-down edict for players to say nothing inflammatory to the press, Brent said there has been no effort by the Dolphins to have Miko take it down a notch.

The team’s only request: Keep Dolphins logos off their cakes.

“I don’t try to change people,” Brent said. “That’s how she is. ... I don’t try to control what she writes on Twitter.

“She’s not going to do nothing, or say nothing too crazy,” he added. “That’s her Twitter. She’s just herself, and I’m a big believer in letting people be theirselves.”

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