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The NFL drops the hammer on Landry for his role in Sunday’s fight

Jarvis Landry is in trouble with both the league and his coach after crossing the line late in Sunday’s loss to Buffalo.
Jarvis Landry is in trouble with both the league and his coach after crossing the line late in Sunday’s loss to Buffalo.

Jarvis Landry essentially played for free in Week 17.

The NFL hammered Landry for his role in Sunday’s melee with the Bills, fining the Dolphins wide receiver $48,620 for unsportsmanlike conduct. The league did not announce any suspension, however.

Landry was ejected from the game after helping incite an ugly New Year’s Eve brawl with the Bills. He was penalized twice — first for unsportsmanlike conduct, and again for abusive language toward an official.

The Miami Herald has learned that Landry cursed out the ref three different times during the incident, which also included running back Kenyan Drake. Drake was fined $12,154 for his role in the fight.

Landry, who head-butted Bills safety Jordan Poyer after Poyer put his hands around Landry’s neck, insisted that he said nothing to the officials when he met with reporters after the game.

But Adam Gase saw — and heard — it differently.

“I think that was the pinnacle of what I’ve ever seen with him during a game,” Gase said Wednesday. “I know there’s been times some of those guys got in the mix a little bit. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen it get to the level where it was extremely bad.

“Last game, that was about as embarrassing as I’ve seen in a long time. ... That was very frustrating to watch and standing there and not being able to do anything. We need way better control from our best players in the heat of the moment.”

The outburst came just a week after Landry and Gase got into a shouting match late in the Dolphins’ loss to the Chiefs. Both men later downplayed the exchange.

But the way Landry’s fourth — and possibly final — season with the Dolphins ended cannot help his chances of landing the big-money contract extension he wants. Landry is a free agent in March, and the two sides were far apart from a deal even before the final two weeks.

Landry getting fined is not a surprise. The size of the fine is. It suggests that Landry is a repeat offender, and ate up nearly his entire paycheck for the season finale.

Landry earned nearly $894,000 — before taxes and agent fees — in 2017, and since NFL contracts are paid out in 17 weekly installments, it is possible that he actually lost money on Sunday.

Neither Poyer nor any other Bills player was fined, The Buffalo News reported.

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