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Reaction from Gase, Landry after sideline shouting match between Dolphins’ ‘hotheads’

Jarvis Landry had five catches for 51 yards in Miami’s loss to Kansas City Sunday.
Jarvis Landry had five catches for 51 yards in Miami’s loss to Kansas City Sunday. TNS

Jarvis Landry and Adam Gase got into a shouting match on the sidelines during a key moment in Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs.

An hour later, Gase acknowledged that heated words were exchanged, while Landry insisted he did not scream at his head coach.

“I wasn't yelling at Adam,” Landry said. “I wasn't talking to Adam.”

It sure appeared otherwise.

“It's part of the game,” Gase said. “It just happens. It's not the first time. You guys just noticed this one.”

Emotions bubbled over after a failed third-down conversion midway through the fourth quarter with the Dolphins down two scores.

Gase called a bubble screen to Jakeem Grant on third-and-24. When Jay Cutler’s pass soared over Grant’s head, Landry wheeled around and immediately started shouting in Gase’s direction. The coach yelled right back, and this went on until other members of the organization stepped in.

When asked to explain what happened, Landry responded:

“Nothing. We were in the red zone. It was third-and-[24] ... and we didn't get the first down. The game was on the line right there. Everybody knows it. We need to score a touchdown right there. I think it's normal for anybody to show frustration at that point, understanding this is our season, our season is on the line, and this drive particularly.

“I don't think we got the ball back until under two minutes after that drive,” Landry continued. “When you look at it like that, anybody would have been frustrated. I'm sure you guys would have been frustrated as well. I wasn't yelling at Adam or trying to show him up or anything.”

Landry is the team’s most emotional player. He plays the game with an edge, and sometimes it gets the better of him. Gase once jokingly referred to himself, Landry and running back Jay Ajayi as the offense’s three “hotheads.”

Ajayi has since been traded due, in part, to his attitude, but Landry appears to be part of the Dolphins’ long-term plans.

Landry had reason to be upset Sunday. The normally sure-handed wideout fumbled on his first catch of the game.

“[Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson] made a good hit,” Landry said. “It was a hell of a hit, honestly. He hit the ball. The ball was tucked, it was tucked, I tucked it. I was going down. He made a good tackle, a great tackle. [Marcus] Peters made a great play, made sure he got his feet down as well.”

It wasn’t all bad Sunday, however. Landry went over 100 catches for the second time in three years and with one game left, is just seven catches shy of the team’s record for receptions in a season (110, set by Landry in 2015). He also has an excellent chance to lead the entire NFL in catches this year.

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