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The Dolphins and Bills lived down to their reputations Sunday

Dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry makes a one-handed catch in front of Buffalo Bills' Leonard Johnson Sunday.
Dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry makes a one-handed catch in front of Buffalo Bills' Leonard Johnson Sunday. AP

If you appreciate sportsmanship, Dolphins-Bills was not the game for you.

But if you enjoy professional wrestling, you probably loved it.

The AFC East’s ugliest rivalry added another chapter Sunday, with Jarvis Landry apparently crossing the line with an official (setting up a rare first-and-35), Jesse Davis claiming he was cold-cocked by a Bills defender and four unsportsmanlike conduct or unnecessary roughness penalties.

“Rivalry game. Playoff implications. It was cold,” running back Kenyan Drake said. “Probably didn’t want to get touched. At the end of the day, that’s the type of football that both teams got an M.O. for. The refs were real sticklers out there for it. We’ve just got to be smarter.”

Drake was tangentially involved in one of several skirmishes Sunday. Davis came to Drake’s defense after a fourth-quarter run turned heated.

“I saw Kenyan on the ground and a bunch of blue jerseys around him, I’m trying to get my guy to the sideline,” Davis said. “Next thing you know, this guy turns around and hits me in the face and I didn’t understand what the hell was going on. So I try to get my guy off, he was trying to stop me and didn’t want me to get there.”

The refs assessed Adolphus Washington a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty for his role in the incident.

Then there was Landry, whose illegal high hit last year that ended the career of Bills safety Aaron Williams is a big reason bad blood exists between these teams.

He was mixing it up all day, both before the whistle and after.

Landry even got into it with an official. They nailed him with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for comments he made about getting flagged for offensive pass interference on what would have been a big play for the Dolphins.

“Obviously, we’re a team that the refs look at, as far as pick plays,” Landry said. “I did not pick the guy. I was getting jammed. DeVante [Parker] came free. He got the first down, obviously. He threw the flag. I just told him, ‘That’s a bad call.’ I’ve had the opportunity to speak to refs and talk to refs. This guy, he just didn’t want nobody to talk to him or challenge what he was saying, so he’s protected. He’s a referee. It is what it is.”

Jarvis Landry, Miami Dolphins WR, regrets his high hit on Buffalo Bills safety Aaron Williams. Williams was transported to the hospital after the game with a neck injury.

When asked why exactly Bills-Dolphins usually turns chippy, Landry responded:

“Because it’s usually like this,” Landry said, speaking of the must-win feel of Sunday’s game. “It’s usually the Patriots are winning the AFC and we’re fighting for the next slot. That’s usually the case. I think that’s why.”

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