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Gase notices difference in offense that gives Dolphins ‘a chance to really compete’ Sunday

Jay Ajayi and the Dolphins offense needs to be much better Sunday against the Falcons.
Jay Ajayi and the Dolphins offense needs to be much better Sunday against the Falcons.

A big part of Adam Gase’s exasperation is that his offense’s issues aren’t limited to any one player or even any one position group.

Failures have been systemic, and perhaps not enough after-hours film has been a reason why.

“It does take some extra time,” Gase said Thursday. “What you do in the building is not going to be, 'Hey, I got it.' Once you think you've got it, you're probably in trouble.”

Gase continued: “Our guys are trying to do more. They're trying to make sure, 'OK, I'm clean on third down. I'm clean in red area. I have a really good sense of everything going on. If something else comes up and I have to adjust, that's a whole different animal.' I think guys are putting in the work.”

That work showed up in practice Wednesday, Gase said. The team’s focus and sense of urgency was good.

“We're giving ourselves a chance to really compete this Sunday,” the Dolphins coach added.

Adam Gase, Miami Dolphins coach, defends quarterback Jay Cutler on his performance in their victory over the Tennessee Titans. The fans chanted for backup quarterback Matt Moore to replace Cutler.

Perhaps Sunday’s opponent has focused the mind. The Dolphins are playing the Falcons, the NFC’s representative in the Super Bowl a year ago. The Falcons are fourth in total offense (388.3 yards per game) and eighth in scoring (26 points per).

“There's always something going on that you're always trying to fix,” Gase said. “This has been a sport that everybody is trying to be perfect. The reality is, that's tough to do. You're always trying to fight to get to that point where your execution is flawless. That needs to be your mindset. You're always going to try to figure out -- Where's my weak links? Who's struggling with what and why are they struggling? The biggest thing you're trying to answer is, 'Why are we having problems with certain things?' To me it goes back to, we have to do a great job communicating. The players have to do a great job of executing on the field.”

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