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Adam Gase goes scorched earth on his offense. ‘Garbage ... A lot of bad football.’

Dolphins coach Adam Gase chats with quarterback Jay Cutler late in the Dolphins’ blowout loss to the Jets.
Dolphins coach Adam Gase chats with quarterback Jay Cutler late in the Dolphins’ blowout loss to the Jets.

The last time Adam Gase was this angry with his offense, the Dolphins cut three offensive linemen on the same day.

And Gase on Monday, the day after a dreadful performance by even Miami’s standards, hinted that another dramatic shakeup is imminent, saying: “A lot of bad football. More mental errors than we've had the last two years. I'll find the guys that want to do it right, and those are the guys that will play.”

But Gase, whose offense had zero answers in a 20-6 loss to the Jets Sunday, was just getting started.

“I’m upset about the way our offense played,” he continued. “I’m just tired of watching it for two years. Just garbage. So, we’re going to figure something out.”

Here’s what has Gase so livid: An offense loaded with skill position players that simply can’t move the ball.

Miami’s offensive rankings are terrible.

The Dolphins, before Monday night’s game, were 27th in total offense (280.5 per game), last in yards per play (4.3), 30th in yards per passing attempt (5.7), 28th in rushing (70.5 per game), tied for 30th in yards per rush (3.0), 30th in scoring (12.5 points per game), last in third down conversions (24.0 percent) and 30th in red zone efficiency (25 percent).

The Miami Dolphins lost to the New York Jets 20-6 on Sunday September 24, 2017.

Sunday’s no-show performance surely dragged all of those rankings down. The only reason the Dolphins weren’t shut out Sunday was Gase called timeout with 6 seconds left, allowing Jay Cutler one last shot at the end zone. For a while, they were challenging the team’s record for fewest yards in a game (88).

When asked what he saw on film that he liked from Sunday, Gase responded: “Nothing.”

"It's just surprising, some of the stuff we don't do right,” Gase added. “We basically skimmed it back as much as we could over the last year. Trying to make it so we can play fast and [win favorable] matchups. We're not doing it, so we'll figure out a way to make adjustments."”

None of what’s gone on this year has been to plan, starting with Ryan Tannehill’s season-ending knee injury. But Gase was determined to run a fast-paced offense.

Yet like last year, after a 1-4 start capped by a loss to the Titans that triggered the aforementioned roster shake-up, those plans might get scrapped.

“We’ll see,” Gase said. “I don’t know. Have some ideas. Its not really a hurry-up offense when you snap the ball at 2 seconds [left on the play clock] every time.”

The Dolphins had issues all over the field Sunday, but they probably started with the offensive line. Jay Ajayi had no running lanes, and as a result managed just 19 yards on 11 carries. So that made the Dolphins one-dimensional — to the Jets’ advantage. New York’s defensive line could just tee off on Jay Cutler, who was sacked on three occasions and hit seven times.

Miami Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler speaks to the media after Dolphins lose to the Jets 20-6 on September 24, 2017.

Cuter finished 25 of 44 passing for 220 yards, a touchdown and an interception.

Gase’s assessment of Cutler’s day: “Not as well as I’d like him to, he took a couple vicious shots early. At 34 it’s a little different than when you’re 25.”

So lineup changes are likely coming — but where specifically? It’s hard to envision the Dolphins benching Cutler, Ajayi, Kenny Stills, Jarvis Landry or DeVante Parker. That leaves just tight end and the offensive line — unless Gase truly is so fed up that he’s willing to sit down some of the team’s biggest names.

“The one game that I can think of that was as bad as that was the Tennessee game [in 2016],” Gase added. “We'll make the proper adjustments. We'll probably make some changes. So figure out what we've got to do, get that thing rolling. I've been watching it for two years. It hasn't worked. So we're going to figure some things out."

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Miami Dolphins' owner Stephen Ross comments on players kneeling down and locking arms during the national anthem in a game against the New York Jets on September 24, 2017.

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