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Jason Taylor works out Charles Harris, would ‘love’ an official role in the organization

Jason Taylor will be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame next weekend.
Jason Taylor will be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame next weekend.

Jason Taylor’s picture hangs on the west lobby wall of the Dolphins’ Davie headquarters, along with the franchise’s nine other Hall of Famers.

But he wants more than that. He wants his name plate outside an office too.

Taylor, who will be enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame a week from Saturday, said he would “love” a role on the team, not unlike the job Dan Marino has with the franchise.

Marino is a special advisor to team CEO Tom Garfinkel, but also has a prominant presence on the football side of the organization, as well.

When asked if there had been any conversations with the franchise about joining up, Taylor responded: “Not to speak of.”

After he gets next week’s obligations behind him, Taylor should have some time to chip in, should the organization hire him. He went into broadcasting after his storied career ended, but currently doesn’t have a broadcast job.

Taylor already is helping out in an unofficial capacity. A few weeks back, he worked out with rookie defensive end Charles Harris at the team’s training facility; Harris reached out to Taylor for tutoring not long after the Dolphins took him in the first round.

“The last conversation I had was with Adam Gase, about two, three weeks ago, when I asked if I could come play for free,” Taylor said. “I was out on the field doing some stuff with [Harris] when nobody was here. I guess Adam was here. He was upstairs and saw. And he was like, 'Damn, I'm telling you, you could still do it.' I said, 'For free, I'm telling you. Right now, for free.'”

Taylor added: “I love where the organization is, where it's going. I never played for the guy, but I love Adam to death. If I could do it for free -- I could only do one game though. I couldn't recover. I'm too old to recover. For one game? I can't say I'll give you hell. But I'll give you everything I've got. It might be not be hell anymore. Adam might be like, 'What the hell?' But I'd do it for free.”

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