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Former Dolphins receiver Wallace, reportedly ripped by Pouncey twins, says remarks out of context

Mike Wallace, Mike Pouncey, Maurkice Pouncey.
Mike Wallace, Mike Pouncey, Maurkice Pouncey. AP

Mike and Maurkice Pouncey reportedly ripped former Miami Dolphins receiver Mike Wallace to Miami Herald news partner CBS-4 on Tuesday, but Wallace pre-empted the story by saying the twins’ remarks were taken out of context.


The exchange unfolded in real time Thursday, when a videographer for CBS-4 WFOR tweeted out a clip from the station’s interview with the Pouncey brothers, in which Maurkice Pouncey appears to say Wallace was a “coward” for quitting on his team.

“It’s about playing for your brothers,” said Steelers lineman Maurkice Pouncey, who played with Wallace for three years in Pittsburgh. “It’s about going out there every single day, you’re playing with those guys. You’re not playing with management, or the coaches, per se. In a way you are, but in a way it’s more important to play for your brothers. I think when you walk away from something like that, you just walk away from a friendship, the family that you build with everybody there. For me personally, I wouldn’t want somebody on my team like that.”

But Wallace took to Twitter before the report even aired, saying that the video report misrepresented what the Pounceys actually said.

Wrote Wallace: “Mike and Maurkice are my lil bros man ... Maurkice was speaking on a general situation Not my situation media can do whatever they want!!! But that’s my guys 100 they both [know] ME Personally!! No man could ever call me a coward from the biggest to the smallest guy!!’ I have Always held my own... I usually don’t get into all of this but that’s my friends that’s the only reason I’m addressing it.”

CBS-4 left no ambiguity in its reporting, however, with sports director Jim Berry stating definitively that Mike Pouncey “was happy” the Dolphins traded Wallace.

Mike Pouncey, the Dolphins’ center, told the TV station: “I think the offseason is the time to speak your mind. Obviously, our organization felt that way about some guys and got those guys out of our football team. I think it was the right move for everyone. At the end of the day, if everybody’s not on the same page, you’re not going to win football games. It takes 11, not 10. I’m glad that we moved on from that, and I just can’t wait until we go from there.”

It’s not uncommon for television reports not to include footage of a reporter asking a question, but instead cutting directly to the subject’s answer.

Wallace sat out the second half of the final game of the Dolphins’ 2015 season against the Jets. The Miami Herald and other outlets reported at the time that Wallace told his coaches he did not want to return to the game unless he was used in a way he saw fit.

Wallace later denied those reports. Fast-forward three months and he’s no longer on the team. The Dolphins last week traded him and a seventh-round pick to the Vikings for a fifth rounder.

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