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Jimmy Garoppolo’s excellence in Week 2 ‘shocked’ Dolphins coaches

Broncos head coach Vance Joseph speaks during a news conference at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis Wednesday.
Broncos head coach Vance Joseph speaks during a news conference at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis Wednesday. AP

Jimmy Garoppolo is the talk of the town this week.

Will the Patriots trade him?

If so, to whom?

ESPN reported Wednesday that New England is leaning toward keeping him, but that could simply be a negotiating ploy.

More is unknown than known at this point, but here’s something that’s not up for debate:

Garoppolo is a coveted asset, in no small part, because he lit up the Dolphins defense in Week 2.

He completed 18 of 26 passes for 232 yards and three touchdowns — in 26 minutes of game time. He was sent to the locker room with a shoulder injury that ended his day before halftime.

But by then, the Dolphins were down 21-0, and the game was out of hand.

Five months later, then-Dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph still remembers vividly how Garoppolo carved up his defense — to his great surprise.

“I thought Jimmy was really special,” Joseph, now the Broncos head coach, said at the NFL Scouting Combine Wednesday. “I was really surprised with how poised he was. Our front was pretty good last year. After Seattle, it was a pretty good outing against Seattle, and Week 2 against Jimmy, he was really poised. He was confident. He made good decisions. He made some awesome throws in that football game. I was really shocked by how good he was against us.”

Joseph, in his new role for more than a month now, shied away from questions that he might trade for a quarterback; Garoppolo and Tony Romo are better than any free agent about to hit the market.

Instead, he insisted that the Broncos will hold an open competition between Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian this summer.

That’s the answer he gave in his introductory news conference last month.

And his praise of Adam Gase was the same Wednesday as it was then, too.

“Adam did a great job last year as a first-time head coach,” Joseph said. “Making tough decisions, that was Adam's year. Starting 1-4, it was a tough start. Sticking with the process and winning nine games straight, that was great. watching him stay with the process, that was great.”

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