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How many people did it take to pop Branden Albert’s wrist back into place? A lot

Branden Albert’s tale of wrist adjustment is not for the faint of heart.
Branden Albert’s tale of wrist adjustment is not for the faint of heart.

So here’s the wild scene inside Qualcomm Stadium’s visiting locker room a week ago Sunday:

Branden Albert, whose left wrist wasn’t where it was supposed to be, needed basically the entire medical staff’s help to pop it back into place.

For “like 40 minutes” they tried, with little success. Finally, they found the winning formula:

“It was like five, six people on me,” said Albert, the Dolphins’ 6-5, 314-pound left tackle. “One was [on] my arm, the other one was holding my fingers, the other one was trying to mess with the wrist, trying to pop it back in. It was really like five people trying to do it.”

Albert was able to return to the game, but an MRI revealed ligament damage. He had surgery two days later and missed the Rams game in Week 11.

He’s hopeful to return to the field this Sunday, and is certainly trending in the right direction. The hard cast that kept the wrist stabilized last week has been replaced by a wrap and a brace. He would not say if he would need to cast it again to appear in a game.

He hurt the wrist trying to catch himself after getting physically beaten by a Chargers pass-rusher.

“It was more of a pride thing that got me back in the game,” Albert said. “How it happened, man beat me, bull-rushed me, I fell to the ground. I said, 'I can't end the game on that note and leave my guys out there.'”

Albert said he will return to game action once he demonstrates to team doctors that he has strength in his hand.

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