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Dolphins’ Franks explains blocked field goal: ‘It was a perfect storm’

Twenty-seven-yard field goals are usually a gimme for Andrew Franks. Not in Week 1.
Twenty-seven-yard field goals are usually a gimme for Andrew Franks. Not in Week 1.

The kick felt fine off his foot.

A half-second later, Andrew Franks knew it was anything but.

Seattle’s Cassius Marsh batted down Franks’ 27-yard, fourth-quarter field-goal attempt -- a play that probably saved the game for the Seahawks Sunday. The Dolphins ultimately lost 12-10.

So what went wrong?

Certainly, the protection was leaky. It appeared that Laremy Tunsil has pushed back, giving Marsh the opening he needed.

“Our protection needs to be better there,” Darren Rizzi, the Dolphins’ special teams coordinator, acknowledged.

But that was just half the issue. Franks also needed to get the ball up higher, faster.

“I just had a little lower ball than I usually like,” Franks said Thursday. “And I hit it straight at their rush, right where they're pushing the O-line a little bit. For the most part, it felt like a perfect storm.”

Franks was 1 of 2 on field goals and did rebound later to connect on an extra point.

And he wasn’t alone in his struggles. Rizzi pointed out that there were 17 missed field goals and extra points around the league in Week 1, including four blocks.

“The reason for that is because it’s very hard in the preseason to simulate what you’re going to get in live action,” Rizzi said. “A lot of people don’t show what they’re going to show in the preseason games. It’s not a play that you want to practice live – no one does – for player safety. Because of that, you see a lot of blocks and missed opportunities early in the season.”

Rizzi added: “We got to get that cleaned up on both sides – the protection part and the kick part, for sure.”

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