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Here are the lyrics to ‘LeBron James Is Coming To Town’

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LeBron James is returning to his former home for the holidays. In anticipation of the Cleveland Cavaliers playing against the Miami Heat on Christmas Day, the Miami Herald asked fans to change some of the lyrics to Santa Claus Is Coming To Town for James.

The tone among most entries reminded Heat players to not take it easy on their former teammate. Some lyrics emphasized good etiquette among Heat fans, such as, “You better not whine, you better not boo,” and memorable moments of his time with the team. Even a few fans from Ohio contributed their own versions.

But not all of the verses showed a fondness for James. Locals did share lines with stinging remnants of his departure this year, ending the first stanza with “LeBron James is a disloyal fraud” and “LeBron James is breaking ex-fans minds.”

Read some of our favorite submissions on Page 2D. You can submit your lyrics for ‘LeBron James Is Coming To Town’ and read other entries through the Public Insight Network.

You better think straight, you better not hate

You better not slack, I'm sure he'll attack

LeBron James is coming to town

He knows that when you’re tired

He knows he can aspire

He knows you’re out to win the game

So be confident, bring no shame

James Pennerman, Miami

You better come out, you better not boo

You better not pout, I'm counting on you

LeBron James is here Christmas Day

He played great when he was here

He knows it's a special game

He knows we're better than Cleveland

So be good on Christmas Day

Michael Reese, Miami

You better man up, you better not fail

You better not lose, I'm going to wail

Lebron James is here in Miami

He leaves you when you're losing

He knows he's the best

He knows he's the King of the World

So be better than the rest

Maria Uria, Miami

You better take care

You better not groan.

You better not swear or I'm going alone.

LeBron James is haunting this town.

He dunks when you're not looking.

He knows when to attack.

He knows when we've been playing bad

So don't cut him any slack.

Jim Osbon, Amelia Island

You better open your mouth

You better not sigh

You better not doubt

I’m telling no lie

LeBron James is coming to town

He deceives you when you’re weeping

He knows that he is fake

He know that he’s been bad not good

So be rude to that big flake

Karen Person, Miami

You better start work, you better not slack

You better not twerk, I'm shouting "he's back."

LeBron James is coming to town.

He knows when you are pressing,

He knows your every play,

He knows because he was on the team,

So be diff'rent in some way.

Jonathan Rose, Miami Beach

You better be ready, you better not stew!

You better not forget, I'm not getting the blues!

LeBron James is coming to lose!

He will cry when Miami wins!

He knows he should've stayed!

He knows Coach Spo doesn't need him!

So be cheering for D. Wade!

Tracy Towle-Humphrey, Miami

You better be good, you better not boo

You better not shout, I'm his loyal fan

LeBron James is definitely the man

He slam dunks when you least it expect it

He knows all players on the floor

He knows Wade and Bosh’s every move

So be there, you’ll not be bored

Betty Smith, Canton, OH

You better not whine, you better not boo

You better not pout, I'm telling you true

LeBron James is coming to town

He gave us rings when he played here

He knows how to win

He knows that booing helps his game

So be thankful he was here

Agnes Bowles, Coral Gables