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Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade practices, is questionable for Sunday

Said Dwyane Wade: “I’ve been out for two weeks, I feel like I’m starting all over again. I’ve got training camp legs.”
Said Dwyane Wade: “I’ve been out for two weeks, I feel like I’m starting all over again. I’ve got training camp legs.” El Nuevo Herald

Heat guard Dwyane Wade practiced fully Friday. He’s officially questionable to end his hamstring injury games-missed streak at seven in Sunday’s game in New York against the Knicks. Heat forward Chris Bosh sat out of Friday’s practice with a hip bruise, but will play Sunday.

Afterward, Wade was asked if he could have played Saturday.

“If we were playing half-court games,” he said. “I’d have been coming out every two minutes. Hopefully, by Sunday, it’ll be a lot better.”

Fatigue partially muted Wade’s voice to about the volume of a parent ready for an early evening nap after a busy day with the kids.

“I’ve been out for two weeks, I feel like I’m starting all over again,” he said. “I’ve got training camp legs.

“I haven’t been sitting around, I’ve been working a little hard. I’m a little sore from all the work I’ve been doing. The hamstring’s feeling a lot better. The biggest thing is getting the legs back under you.”

On Wednesday, Wade said he works just as hard, if not harder, when rehabilitating an injury than when playing and practicing on a normal schedule. In fact, he actually goes to bed earlier after games he misses with injury than game days after he’s played because, he said, the work tires you out the game, but there’s no game adrenaline pumping extra fuel into the body.

Although Heat coach Erik Spoelstra thought it “very encouraging to all of us” that Wade made it through Friday’s “training camp-like” practice, he called Wade “day-to-day.”

Said Spoelstra: “You have to. How will we know how he’ll respond to [Friday’s] work until [Saturday]?”

Wade agreed.

“[Saturday’s] obviously a big day,” he said. “We pushed it pretty good [Friday]. I don’t think we can push it any better from a practice standpoint. Then, you come in, see how you feel [Saturday], go through another one. Hopefully all is well.”

As far as what he has seen from the sidelines, Wade has seen pretty much what the Heat’s record and statistics say has been there to see.

“I’m proud of some of the efforts they put forth with me being out,” he said. “I saw a lot of areas where they missed me and I know they needed me.

“[There were] moments where it looked amazing offensively and defensively. Moments where it looked bad both ways. We were 3-4 when I was out. I thought that was about right. You want to win some of those close games. But we’re just not the team yet that can win those games just by being out there.”

In explanation of what a “training camp-like practice” was, Spoelstra said, “We wanted to really have an opportunity to drill our defense. We hadn’t had an opportunity to do for a little while. Spent a lot of time on the details, but just the intensity level of it that’s necessary and obviously continue with execution offensively.”

Bosh said he sustained his hip bruise Tuesday against Golden State showing hustle and intensity, although he went through practice Wednesday. The Heat didn’t practice on Thanksgiving.

“It happened diving on the ground and taking some hits while I was on the ground,” he said. “It doesn’t limit me. Just trying to make sure it stays where it is and gets better. Everything’s fine. Just deal with a little bit of pain and move on.”

Heat center Chris Andersen also missed practice with his ankle injury.

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