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Fifteen questions with the Miami Heat’s Goran Dragic

Heat guard Goran Dragic’s favorite dish is a Serbian meal called moussaka. He also likes to listen to Serbian pop rock and binge-watch television shows.
Heat guard Goran Dragic’s favorite dish is a Serbian meal called moussaka. He also likes to listen to Serbian pop rock and binge-watch television shows.

Goran Dragic is entering his second full season with the Miami Heat and last Saturday when the Heat wrapped up camp in the Bahamas, he agreed to be my first victim of 15 questions, a series of mostly off the court questions.

Question: I’m stealing this concept from Dan LeBatard and this signature question — your house is on fire, assuming your family is safe outside and you have enough time to go back into the house to save three items, what are you saving and why?

Answer: I’m taking my wallet, man. We need credit cards so we can eat. I’m taking that first. Second thing, I’m taking baby toys for my kids. The third thing is my passports. So I can go home to Slovenia.

Q: When you are back home with mom in Slovenia, what are you asking her to cook for you?

A: Moussaka. That’s like layers of potatoes. Then she puts meats, vegetables and then layers of potatoes and then cheese on top. It’s similar to lasagna.

Q: If you could turn the tables on the media what would you do?

A: I would make them do everything we do — play all 82 games and travel, and then after the season you guys can write about how you guys feel.

Q: If we stole Goran Dragic’s iPhone what music do we find on there?

A: Most of it is just Serbian pop music, pop rock.

Q: Is there a Serbian rock star we don’t know about?

A: Ceca. She sings this song “Beograd.” She has a lot of great songs.

Q: Is there a song you sing in the shower?

A: That was a long time ago. I don’t do that anymore. It was before when I was single. Now, with my wife, there’s no singing in the shower.

Q: What would you do if you couldn’t play basketball?

A: Soccer.

Q: No, a regular job. You have no athleticism at all. You are a regular person.

A: That’s a good one. I would not want to be a cop. I would not want to be a firefighter. I’d be a dentist.

Q: Is that because you’ve been to one so often in your career, having had teeth knocked out?

A: You can make a pretty a good living out of it. Plus, I have pretty good experience with them. I know what they’re going to do to me.

Q: You are a happy guy, I’m sure this one is tough for you. The last time you cried was?

A: The last time that I cried — man that’s a good one. The last time I cried was 2013. The European basketball championships when our goal was to get a medal. We played really well, all the games. Then in the quarterfinals we got France. They were the European champions and because it was at home, it was such an awesome feeling to play in front of your whole country. At that stage I was 100 percent certain we were going to win a medal. Then we got France and they eliminated us from getting a medal.

I was not crying, crying, but it touched me. Because at the moment I knew the championship was over. We were not going to experience that anymore, to play at home, in front of so many people. Everybody was so pumped.

Q: What’s Goran Dragic’s guilty pleasure?

A: What does that mean?

Q: Something fun you may feel bad about after you do it. A fat guy like me might say eating chocolate or drinking whiskey.

A: You know what, I don’t know what it’s called, but when you stay up late watching TV shows. If I watch one then I have to finish it all at once. I watch the whole night and then the next day I’m tired and I’m thinking, I’m sorry for my language, ‘Why the [expletive] did I stay up watching that?’ The last TV show was “Narcos.” I couldn’t stop watching. I watched all the episodes of the first season in like one day.

Q: Have you seen Season 2 yet?

A: No. I’m waiting to have a free day. I’m going to have to wait until next offseason. Because the next day, I feel awful. I’m tired. And I say to myself: ‘Why the heck didn’t I just stop it and go to bed?’

Q: Have you binge-watched with any other shows?

A: “Entourage.” But Entourage was pretty long. It’s like seven, eight seasons. Then, what’s the name of that show with those bikers? It’s really violent. “Sons of Anarchy.” [Laughter]. I like to watch shows.

Q: If we ever have a Goran Dragic movie, which actor plays you?

A: The last time I lost my tooth everybody said Jim Carrey, man. So I guess Jim Carrey.