Some are confusing LeVar Burton and LaVar Ball. Here’s how to tell them apart

Actor LeVar Burton, left, and former college basketball player LaVar Ball.
Actor LeVar Burton, left, and former college basketball player LaVar Ball.

Since President Donald Trump and basketball father LaVar Ball began public jousting over how much gratitude Ball needs to show Trump for getting his middle son out of a Chinese jail, Trump supporters have been coming at actor LeVar Burton on Twitter.

Apparently, some Trump supporters confused the veteran actor, Kunta Kinte in “Roots,” with the father of Los Angeles Lakers’ hyped rookie Lonzo Ball, UCLA player LiAngelo Ball (the alleged shoplifter) and UCLA commit LaMelo Ball.

To help those having trouble keeping the African-American LaVars straight, we present five ways to tell LeVar Burton and LaVar Ball apart.

Adult guidance

LeVar Burton — helped millions of kids learn to enjoy reading via “Reading Rainbow.”

LaVar Ball — helped three sons become really good basketball players.

On screens

LeVar Burton — A cast member on all seven seasons of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

LaVar Ball — A cast member on a Facebook reality show called “Ball in the Family.”

Athletic history

LeVar Burton — Acted as 1970s-80s major league baseball player Ron LeFlore in a TV movie biopic.

LaVar Ball — Actually played minor league football (World League of American Football).

Geek connection

LeVar Burton — Has done a cameo and a guest shot on “The Big Bang Theory.”

LaVar Ball — Swaggers as if his sons’ basketball prowess makes him, personally, The Big Bang.

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