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Miami Heat doesn’t have a timetable for Chris Bosh’s return

Miami Heat's Chris Bosh, left, has not played since the All-Star break in February.
Miami Heat's Chris Bosh, left, has not played since the All-Star break in February. AP

The Miami Heat as an organization had no formal comment Friday on Chris Bosh’s first public statements regarding his improved health and desire to return this season.

But coach Erik Spoelstra and his teammates said they love the fact Bosh is working hard to come back — even if they aren’t sure if and when that might happen.

“We love Chris,” Spoelstra said. “He’s in a great place right now. He’s working out right now. You saw the statement. He’s working out right now in Miami. When we get back we’ll be able to do some workouts with him. More than anything else he’s in a good place — mentally. We don’t have any kind of timetable or anything like that. We’re just glad he’s healthy.”

What has Bosh, sidelined since the All-Star Game, been able to do to this point?

“He’s been able to do workouts — individual workouts — with the coaching staff,” Spoelstra explained. “It’s not about that or a timetable right now. But we’re very happy that he’s around, that he’s healthy, that his spirits are good. We love him. I love his spirit.”

And with that, a Heat spokesman stopped the number of questions related to Bosh at two.

His teammates, however, weren’t shielded from Bosh-related questions.

“It’s unbelievable,” Luol Deng said of Bosh’s resolve. “Chris has been working hard. He’s been phoning guys, been talking about what we can do better as a team. He’s all in even though he’s not playing right now, not traveling with the team. For us, it just shows us who he is. Even though he would love to be playing a part of what we’re doing right now, he’s doing all he can to make sure we all know he’s all invested.

Does Deng think Bosh will be back this season?

“I hope so,” he said. “I think it makes us a better team. Going into the playoffs, having him definitely makes us a lot better as a team and gives us more options.

“I think the first thing that as a friend you want to see him healthy. Basketball is just what we do out there. We all love to play basketball, but people forget we have lives other than this. He has a great family. So you always want your friends and teammates to have their health. As long as he’s getting better that’s really what matters. I think coming back to the court that comes later down the list. First, comes his health.”

Center Amar’e Stoudemire said Bosh has keeping himself sharp with his workouts. He said he has also kept himself engaged with the team behind the scenes, watching film and being around them on game days away from the public eye.

“He’s keeping himself sharp from a skills standpoint,” Stoudemire said. “It’s a little bit tough cardiowise when you’re not able to play in a game setting. But from a skills standpoint he’s keeping himself sharp.

“He’s been around. We love to see him around, to see him interacting with us. He’s been around game days and practice days, been very optimistic about his recovery and we have as well.”

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