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Marlins Man is ready to join a new team. Here’s what happened

Laurence Leavy is Marlins Man no more.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell reported Thursday morning — mere hours before the Marlins opened their 2018 season against the Chicago Cubs — that the South Florida attorney will no longer be there behind home plate at Marlins Park in his bright orange Marlins jersey. What’s more, Leavy also said he is ready to find a new team and that there are teams interested in taking him in.

“Four teams reached out to me already and said that I could become, like, the Tigers man or other teams, and they would be happy to sell me tickets on TV view for three years paid in advance with a substantial discount,” Leavy said, according to ESPN.

Leavy has been a season ticket holder since the Marlins’ inaugural season in 1993.

But Leavy has clashed with new ownership led by CEO Derek Jeter and Bruce Sherman. It surfaced when Leavy approached Jeter during a town hall in December and asked Jeter, “Do you know who I am.”

It got to the point where Leavy reportedly opted to not renew his season tickets this year.

Full details about that interaction emerged Monday, when radio host Andy Slater reported that Leavy sent Jeter a check on Dec. 27 for $200,000 for four season tickets in the second row behind home plate for the next three seasons. That averages out to about $250 per ticket per game, which is what Leavy told ESPN he paid last year and said is about a 20 percent discount from the normal price for the Diamond Club seats.

ESPN reported Thursday that the Marlins presented a counteroffer of $260 per ticket. Leavy declined, citing the fact that this year’s team is “a worse product with all the All-Stars gone.”

“Derek Jeter is a Hall of Fame player and a virgin and inexperienced corporate owner and baseball manager of a team,” Leavy told ESPN. “I wish them luck and success, and I hope that they have a winning team in my lifetime.”

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