Miami Marlins

Marlins game delayed when cat hops up and onto park’s Home Run Sculpture

The Marlins had a feline intruder crash their Opening Night festivities Tuesday.

A gray cat snuck its way onto the field and made its way into the Marlins Park Home Run sculpture during the sixth inning of Tuesday’s game against the Braves causing a brief delay.

The cat ran toward the right field wall where it lodged itself just underneath the padding for a few moments.

But as a stadium employee and Marlins right fielder Giancarlo Stanton approached the cat, it took off, eventually climbing the wall in center field and jumping onto the ballpark’s Home Run Sculpture.

The cat stuck its head into a small opening in the sculpture where it remained until some time around the ninth inning according to Marlins left fielder Marcell Ozuna.

"At first, the cat had me a little worried," Ozuna said. "It stayed up there for four innings. It hid its head into the [sculpture] and I was like ‘what are you doing?’ I didn’t see it after the ninth inning when I looked up there."

The Marlins tweeted video of the cat, naming him #RallyCat, noting the irony of the whole scene occurring on National Pet Day.

Fearing for the cat’s safety, Marlins management decided not to activate the sculpture, which is triggered every time a Marlins player hits a home run, for the remainder of the game.

A tweet posted on the Marlins Park Twitter account after the game read: “Update: Upon being rescued safely, #RallyCat’s elusiveness persisted, and it again ran away - this time into the night. Rally on, #RallyCat!”


Ironically, the incident occurred just moments after Ozuna hit the second of his two home runs in Tuesday night’s game.

"The first thing I thought was maybe it’s bad luck and then I said maybe you’re here for some reason. Maybe it’s good luck so let’s play."

Ozuna, however, said after the game he’s not fond of cats.

“I detest cats,” Ozuna said. “I don’t like them.”

One reporter then asked Ozuna, “Is it allergies?”

To which Ozuna responded: “No, I just don’t like them.”