Miami-Dade High Schools

Miami-Dade runners come up short

For one of only a few times in recent history, Miami-Dade County had little to crow about following a state cross country meet.

Saturday’s state meet at Apalachee Regional Park presented opportunities such as Sunset senior Nick Diaz going for back-to-back 4A titles or Belen Jesuit looking for its fifth consecutive crown. Yet none of it materialized except for a few runner-up finishes.

Belen finished third behind Tallahassee’s Chiles and Leon in the 3A meet, while Diaz ended his strong career with a respective fourth-place finish.

“I came out today wanting to break 15 minutes, knowing this was my last state championship,” said Diaz, who ran 15:45. “I did what I was supposed to do and I was real happy with my race. My last mile could have been fixed more, but the cold weather kind of got to me being born and raised in Miami. That and having the flu all week were factors. I was beat up physically, couldn’t do some runs. It just happened to be the week of states, but it’s alright.”

Coral Reef junior Carlin Berryhill, in only his second year of cross country, topped Diaz and others to finish second in 15:18, just two seconds behind Joshua Jacques of Lyman. Berryhill looked strong throughout, managing the 30-degree temperatures with just a knit ski cap for warmth.

“I felt really strong,” said Berryhill, whose Barracudas took runner-up, just five points behind Lyman. “My dad told me to go with [Jawues], so I tried to make a move and see how he’d react. We changed the lead, but he got me at the end. I tried to go. It was a good season and now I just want to work harder for next season to get a state title.”

Ryan Rodriguez was Belen’s top finisher, crossing in sixth in 15:37, while the team went 18-19-20 to earn 111 total points, still far back from Chiles (64) and Leon (77).

Ransom Everglades sophomore Gaby Correa took third in the 2A boys meet, finishing in 16:00, 12 seconds behind first place.

In the girls 2A race, Pine Crest seventh grader Tsion Yared won her first state title by eclipsing Ransom Everglades junior Bea Ruan by 11 seconds. Ruan’s teammate, Lauren Archer, crossed in sixth, leading the Raiders to a third-place team finish. Gulliver junior Alyssa Pujals grabbed fifth in 18:40.

“Coming around the second loop, the mile-and-a-half mark, she thought she broke away from the starting four,” said Ruan, who beat out St. Thomas Aquinas’ Alexa Cruz for the runner-up. “I just never quite caught up to [Yared], the gap kind of increased. At the end, I thought I’d caught her on the hill, but she hit the little downhill after and separated again.”


Class 1A—1. Holy Trinity Episcopal 33, 7. Westminster Academy 257, 9. Miami Country Day 279: 1. Franco Martins (WP) 15:30.00, 10.Casey McCracken (WA) 16:26.80

Class 2A—1. Trinity Prep 84, 2. Pine Crest 149, 8. Calvary Christian 258, 13. Key West 363, 14. Ransom Everglades 366, 19. Cardinal Gibbons 450: 1. Joel Lacy (CC) 15:48.30, 3. Gabriel Correa (RE) 16:00.00, 9. Michael Kennedy (PC) 16:21.00, 14. Danny Ferro (CC) 16:28, 25. Collin Dickerson (CS) 16:42.70.

Class 3A—1 Lawton Chiles 64, 2. Leon 77, 3. Belen 111, 9 Pembroke Pines Charter 286 , 21. Pace 539, 24. Archbishop McCarthy 547: 1. Sukhi Khosla (LH) 15:01.80, 6. Ryan Rodriguez (BEL)15:37.70, 12. Tomas Gimenz-Beron (PPC)15:53.50, 18. Jaime Lopez (BEL) 16:01.00, 19. Joshua Collins (BEL)16:01.20.

Class 4A—1. Lyman High School 118, 2. Coral Reef 123, 3. St. Thomas Aquinas 141, 4. Columbus 192, 13. Ferguson 329, 14. Sunset 342, 22. Cypress Bay 560: Joshua Jacques (LH) 15:16.00, 2. Carlin Berryhill (CR) 15:18.40, 4. Nicholas Diaz (SUN) 15:45.50, 6. Bryce Statham (STA) 15:52.70, 11. Kurt Convey (CR) 16:05.60 10, 16. Humberto Freire (COL) 16:12.40.


Class 1A—1. Holy Trinity Episcopal 61, 5. Westminster Christian 160, 7. Calvary Christian 188, 10. Westminster Academy 346, 15. South Florida HEAT 420: 1. Sarah Candiano (EVA) 18:27.80, 4. Hannah Brookover (CC) 18:45.00, 11. Victoria Hoppe, (WC) 19:39.70, 12. Natasha Strump (WC) 19:41.60. 46, Carolyn Shields (SFH) 20:43.20.

Class 2A—1. Bolles 46, 2. Pine Crest 56, 3. Ransom Everglades 159, 5. Carrollton 188, 21. Cardinal Gibbons 500: 1. Tsion Yared (PC) 18:18.80, 2. Beatriz Ruan (RE) 18:29.90, 5. Alyssa Pujals (GP)18:40.00, 6. Lauren Archer (RE) 18:44.70, 8. Julia Montgomery (PC) 18:52.00, 31. Nicole Kolisch (CAR) 20:18.30.

Class 3A—1. Creekside 76, 17. Northwestern 441,18. Doral Academy 464: 61. Javeniqu McDowell (CC) 20:12.20, 66. Daesha Rogers (NW) 20:14.70, Maria Fernandez (DA) 20:19.50.

Class 4A—1. Winter Park 40, 2. St. Thomas Aquinas 54, 3. Lourdes 184, 9. Ferguson 256, 12. Coral Reef 304: 1. Rafaella Gibbons (WP) 18:05.50, 3. Alexa Cruz (STA) 18:19.50, 5.Megan Schloss (STA) 18:21.30, 14.Sabrina Quijano (LOU) 18:59.20, 23.Aylwyn Hernandez (FER) 19:22.20, 40. Rachael Osman (CR) 19:57.00.