Miami-Dade High Schools

Sunset, Ferguson runners take GMAC cross-country title

Sunset’s Nick Diaz and Coral Reef’s Carlin Berryhill burst from the forest Thursday at Larry and Penny Thompson Park and dug into the dirt for a 600-meter sprint to decide the GMAC boys’ cross-country champion. Diaz, the reigning FHSAA Class 4A state champion, ran 15:48 to edge Berryhill (15:56) and met Berryhill at the finish line with a handshake to express the mutual respect the two stars share for each other.

“Carlin and I used to be teammates,” Diaz said. “We both know each other’s running strategies. Whether he beats me or I beat him, I think it varies. We are very professional and friendly. We are competitive when it comes to racing, but outside we are good pals.”

Columbus’ Humberto Freire (16:53) finished third, but it wasn’t enough from stopping Flanagan from defeating the Explorers 42-47 for the boys’ team title.

Abiel Payano, Adrian Bermudez and Guillermo Rojas went 4-5-10 to help the Falcons earn the close victory.

Meanwhile, Ferguson teammates Aylwyn Hernandez and Lauren Gavulic finished first and second to help the Falcons secure the girls’ team title.

Ferguson fought off the roots and rocks of the 5K course by sticking together. Hernandez ran 19:48, and Gavulic followed with a 20:05. Miami Northwestern’s Daesha Rogers finished third with a 20:09.

“Next week is districts, and I feel like this race helped our self-esteem a lot,” Gavulic said. “We are pushing forward.” “In workouts, we pace each other,” Hernandez said. “Our goal was to try to pick it up. My goal was to break the wind and go as hard as I could.”

▪ GMAC Cross-Country Championships - Boys’ team scores: Ferguson 42, Miami Columbus 47, Coral Reef 64, Miami Sunset 100, Coral Gables 156, American 211, Homestead 268, South Dade 282, Mast 322, Coral Park 354. Boys’ individual results: 1. Nick Diaz (Sun) 15:48; 2. Carlin Berryhill (CR) 15:56; 3. Humberto Freire (Col) 16:53.14; 4. Abiel Payano (Ferg) 16:56; 5. Adrian Bermudez (Ferg) 17:02; 6. Derwin Moultrie (CR) 17:07; 7. Daniel Areces (Col) 17:11; 8. Connor Gonzalez (Col) 17:13; 9. Cameron Berryhill (CR) 17:18.77; 10. Guillermo Rojas (Ferg) 17:18. Girls’ team scores: 1. Ferguson 31; 2. Coral Reef 52; 3. Northwestern 59; 4. Carol City 170; 5. Sunset 172; 6. Coral Gables 183; 7. South Dade 211; 8. TERRA 220; 9. Braddock 221; 10. Coral Park 232. Girls’ individual results: 1. Aylwyn Hernandez (Ferg) 19:48; 2. Lauren Gavulic (Ferg) 20:05; 3. Daesha Rogers (MNW) 20:09; 4. Briana Vergara (CR) 20:29; 5. Shiree Hinds (MNW) 21:11; 6. Javinque McDowell (CCity) 21:15; 7. Gabriela Crespi (Ferg) 21:16; 8. Carla Rodriguez (CR) 21:20; 9. Nicolle Garcia (Ferg) 21:26; 10. Timetria Mitchell (MNW) 21:30.

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