Miami-Dade High Schools

Ferguson bowling teams sweep titles at Youth Fair Tournament

Ferguson swept the team championships at Friday’s Youth Fair Tournament at Bird Bowl.

In a best-of-five Baker format, the boys beat Miami Christian in four for their first title since the inaugural meet.

“It’s been a long time coming,” coach Dianne Coe said. “It really has. Really enjoy winning. This is just the start of the beginning.”

Senior captain Allain Larroche, who finished eighth in the individual competition, sported a gray arm sleeve —imitating PBA Tour player Jason Belmonte. Like the professional, the entire team bowls with two hands.

“It feels great,” Larroche said. “Just looking forward to winning the rest of the tournaments and getting ready for states. We have a real special team this year. Everybody gets into it — the bench, everything.”

For the girls, the victory over Coral Reef in three rounds couldn’t come soon enough. Last year, the Falcons were runner-ups to TERRA. The Barracudas had advanced to the final by beating the Wolves.

Senior captain Kelsey Buell not only won the team title but the individual one with a score of 497. Sophomore Angela Chapman, who serves as the team’s closer, got fifth.

“It feels amazing, especially since it’s my senior year,” Buell said. “I hope that my team will carry on for the next few years. I’m very proud as a captain. It feels amazing. Hard work really pays off.”

Southwest’s Jorge Osinaga bowled a 660 for the boys’ individual championship, besting last year’s champion Alex Yaniz of Miami Christian by 33. Osinaga finished fifth in 2013. Walking around with a title belt, Osinaga credited his trainer Mike Hamilton. He used to practice twice a week but now puts in four to five sessions after work.

“I’ve just been practicing a whole lot more,” Osinaga said. “I’ve been more serious with it. I just try to stay consistent throughout all my games. I try to go above what I shot last game.”

▪ Team standings (boys): Ferguson, Miami Christian, TERRA and Columbus (both made Final 4), Coral Gables, Coral Reef, Southwest, South Dade, Belen Jesuit, Hialeah Gardens, Killian, Coral Park, A&T Mourning, American, Palmetto, South Miami, Carol City, Gulliver, Braddock.

▪ Team standings (girls): Ferguson, Coral Reef, TERRA and Braddock (both made Final 4), Palmetto, Gulliver, Coral Gables, South Dade, Coral Park, Hialeah Gardens, A & T Mourning, South Miami, American, Southwest, Killian.

▪ Top-10 boys’ individual scores: Jorge Osinaga, Southwest, 660; Alex Yaniz, Miami Christian, 627; Kevin Morrissey, TERRA, 608; Matthew Monjarrez, Coral Gables, 602; Jeffrey Yaniz, Miami Christian, 586; Cody Stevens, Miami Christian, 570; Andres Casariego, Belen Jesuit, 566; Allain Larroche, Ferguson, 542; Daniel Cortez, Miami Christian, 535; Trace Reid, American, 533.

▪ Top-10 girls’ individual scores: Kelsey Buell, Ferguson, 497; Kristi Perlberg, TERRA, 465; Kristin Smith, South Dade, 440; Lacey Simpson, Braddock, 438; Angela Chapman, Ferguson, 419; Carolina Colli, Coral Reef, 405; Veronica Junco, TERRA, 400; Savanna Nix, Coral Reef, 399; Melissa Perez, Ferguson, 386; Alexa Pardo, South Miami, 380.