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St. Thomas Aquinas’ Atkins wins girls’ shot put at state track meet

Tiara McMinn of Miami Jackson High ran a 14.75 in the girls 2A varsity 100m hurdle event at the 2016 FHSAA State Meet held at IMG Academies in Bradenton.
Tiara McMinn of Miami Jackson High ran a 14.75 in the girls 2A varsity 100m hurdle event at the 2016 FHSAA State Meet held at IMG Academies in Bradenton. ttompkins@bradenton.com

Several local athletes took first place on the first day of the FHSAA Track and Field Championships at IMG Academy on Friday.

Finals were contested in 14 field events and two running events on the first day of the competition in all four classes, despite a massive traffic jam outside the facility that caused some competitors to almost miss their events.

In Class 4A, Shanell Atkins of St. Thomas Aquinas took first place with a throw of 45 feet 4 inches in the girls’ shot put. Calvary Christian’s Diego Fagot was victorious in the boys’ shot put in Class 2A with a toss of 55-4.

Taking first place in the discus in girls’ Class 2A with a throw of 141-10 was Debbie Ajagbe of Ransom Everglades. Ajagbe also captured second place in the shot put, and Amani Heaven of Hallandale finished fourth in the same event.

Jackson High’s Tiara McMinn was first in the girls’ 2A high jump with a leap of 5-8, and Briana Eskridge of Northwestern won the girls’ 3A high jump by clearing the same height.

Jessica Guteriuez of Flanagan won the girls’ 4A discus with a throw of 131-7, and Melissa Zaldo of Southridge finished third.

Second-place finishers included Bradley Fleurinord of St. Thomas Aquinas in the boys’ 4A long jump, and Damian Lewis of Plantation High, who cleared 6-6 in the 4A high jump along with Tristen Elmore of Oveido, who had fewer misses.

In running events, Jackson High’s Deandre Petty was first in the boys’ 2A 800 meters with a time of 1:56.59 and Patrick Sastre of Westminster Academy took second place in the boys’ 1A 800 meters.

Yohance Haynes of Aquinas and Derwin Moultrie of Coral Reef took second and third in the boys’ 800 meters in Class 4A. Kayla Johnson of Southridge was third in class 4A girls’ 800, Shiree Hinds of Northwestern finished fourth in Class 3A, and Lauren Archer of Ransom Everglades was third in Class 2A.

With several events still to be completed later Friday — not to mention Saturday’s events — Flanagan High was in second place in the 4A girls’ competition, with Southridge in third and Aquinas fifth. Northwestern has a comfortable lead in Class 3A, and Ransom Everglades leads the 2A competition. Highlands Christian is third in Class 1A.

On the boys’ side, Columbus was in second place behind Kissimmee Osceola in Class 4A. In Class 2A, Calvary Christian is fourth and Pace and Jackson are tied for fifth. Westminster Academy stands fourth in Class 1A.

▪ Class 1A Results Boys — 800 M Run: 1. Peterson, Luke (SP) 1:56.76. 2. Sastre, Patrick (WA) 1:57.52. Girls — High Jump: 1. Carroll, Sara (HC) 5-04.00, 1.62m. 12. Serda, Abigail (SFH) 4-10.00, 1.47m. 13. Esperragoza, Nadia (FC) 4-10.00, 1.47m.

▪ Class 2A Results Boys — Long Jump: 1. Brown, Frederick (SF) 23-10.75, 7.28m. 6. Wright, Daniel (CG) 22-05.00, 6.83m. 12. Solomon, Matthew (AH) 21-03.25, 6.48m. High Jump: 4. McCray, Alvin (MP) 6-04.00, 1.93m. 5. Cribbs, Jaquan (JAX) 6-04.00, 1.93m. Shot Put: 1. Fagot, Diego (CC) 55-04.50, 16.87m. Girls — 800 M Run: 1. Collier, Caitlin (BOL) 2:06.74. 3. Archer, Lauren (RE) 2:15.74. Discus Throw: 1. Ajagbe, Debbie (RE) 141-10, 43.23m.High Jump: 1. McMinn, Tiara (JAX) 5-08.00, 1.72m. 2. Lindo, Nyla (PC) 5-04.00, 1.62m. 14. Llama, Telia (KW) 4-10.00, 1.47m.

▪ Class 3A Results Boys — Long Jump: 1. Byrd, Tyler (NAP) 24-00.75. 9. Kennedy, Jamie (BE) 21-10.50. 10. Thornton, Avery (BA) 21-06.75. Girls — High Jump: 1. Dermody, Cal (GB) 6-04.00, 1.93m. 10. Thornton, Avery (BA) 6-00.00, 1.82m. 800 M Run: 1. Mickens-Malik, Jinah (MA) 2:13.80.

▪ Class 4A Results Boys— 1. Becker, Carlos (OS) 24-08.00. 2. Fleurinord, Bradley (FL) 24-01.00. 5. Wiggins, James (SD) 23-03.00. 8. Walker, Antwan (CG) 22-05.75. 11. Ellis, Marlon (TAR) 21-03.75. 800 M Run: 1. Pacifico, Justin (FP) 1:52.91. 2 Haynes, Yohance (STA) 1:53.23. 3. Moultrie, Derwin (CR)1:53.69. 7. Baez, Royer (HOM) 1:58.30. Girls — Pole Vault: 1. Breske, Nicole (WP) 12-06.00, 3.81m. 8. Kerekes, Kendyl (STA) 9-06.00, 2.89m. 9. Jurkauskas, Jeyli (STA) 9-00.00, 2.74m. 9. Tejeda, Monica (HOM) 9-00.00, 2.74m. 9. Tejeda, Monica (HOM) 9-00.00, 2.74m. 12. Macgowan, Elizabeth (FER) 9-00.00, 2.74m. 13. Thomas, Kaci (CS) 8-00.00, 2.43m. 14. Thompson, Kiandra (DOU) 7-06.00, 2.28m. 14. Texeira, Carly (CS) 7-06.00, 2.28m. 16. Unger, Morgan (DOU) 7-06.00, 2.28m. High Jump: 1. Ryans, Reide (LR) 5-06.00, 1.67m. 2. Robinson, Camille (FLA) 5-06.00, 1.67m. 3. Jenkins, Chloe (MIR) 5-04.00, 1.62m. 4. Morrison, Gillian (DOU) 5-04.00, 1.62m. 10. Li, Julissa (WES) 5-00.00, 1.52m. 14. Couto, Lori (LOU) 4-10.00, 1.47m. High Jump: 1. Elmore, Triaten (OV) 6-06.00, 1.98m. 7. Foster, Andre (SR) 6-02.00, 1.87m. 8. Edwards, Brian (MIR) 6-02.00, 1.87m. 15. Winfrey, Adrian (SD) 5-10.00, 1.77m. 800 M Run: 1. Johnson, Sinclaire (LB) 2:09.10. 3. Johnson, Kayla (SR) 2:16.58. 7. Quijano, Sabrina (LOU) 2:19.33. 10. Mcdowell, Javenique (NM) 2:24.200. Discus Throw: 1. Guteriuez, Jessica (FLA) 131-07, 40.10m. 2. Gustely, Sophia (MON) 131-01, 39.95m. 3. Zaldo, Melissa (SR) 125-11, 38.37m.