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Spotlight on Gulliver’s team now that family members of legendary players on roster

Gulliver Prep point guard Jamal Mashburn Jr. is ranked 59th in the nation among all players in the Class of 2020.
Gulliver Prep point guard Jamal Mashburn Jr. is ranked 59th in the nation among all players in the Class of 2020. FOR THE MIAMI HERALD

Tim Hardaway’s son, Tim Jr., played basketball for Miami Palmetto and is now in the NBA with the New York Knicks.

Alonzo Mourning’s son, Trey, played basketball for Ransom Everglades and is now a senior on the Georgetown team.

This year’s Miami basketball spotlight is shining on Gulliver Prep’s roster, which features the sons of Jamal Mashburn and Juwan Howard and the younger brother of the late Sean Taylor.

The highest-profile player of the Gulliver kids is Jamal Mashburn Jr., a 6-1 sophomore point guard who is seven inches shorter than his father but can really jump.

“He can put his whole head over the rim,” Gulliver coach Manny Bloom said of Mashburn, who averaged 24 points as a freshman last season and was third in the state in voting for Class 5A Player of the Year. “His legs have gotten so much stronger.”

With that vertical leap, Mashburn has vaulted to a consensus ranking of No. 59 in the nation among all players in the Class of 2020.

Meanwhile, Howard has two sons in the Gulliver pipeline, Jace and Jett. Jace is a 6-5, 215-pound sophomore who starts on varsity. Jett is 6-3 and starts on the junior varsity.

“I think Jace will grow to 6-9 and 245 pounds,” Bloom said. “He’s all muscle. And Jett is a prolific scorer.”

Gabriel Taylor is on the other end of the spectrum size-wise. But the 5-9 sophomore point guard starts at point guard for the Raiders.

“He’s a pure point who will make shots and pester you on defense,” Bloom said.

The “sons of the famous” trend extends to Broward County, where Vernon Carey Jr. — the son of the former Hurricanes and Dolphins offensive lineman — stars for University School and is the No. 1 junior in the nation.

University beat Gulliver 89-74 this past Tuesday as part of the third annual HoopHall Invitational at AmericanAirlines Arena. Mashburn scored 23 points in that game, proving that the big stage is not too cavernous for him.

And, why should it?

Mashburn, 16, has been around basketball his whole life. He was born in Charlotte when his father was playing for the Hornets, and he grew up rooting for the University of North Carolina.

So far, he has offers from Miami, Louisville and Florida, but he said “plenty” of other schools are talking to him.

One of the most interesting scenarios would be Mashburn signing with Harvard. The coaches from the Ivy League school have told him they are coming down to see him soon, and Mashburn — who has a 3.7 grade-point average — would fit right in academically.

“One of my goals is to have my grades be good enough for Harvard,” said Mashburn, who is interested in studying business. “Injuries can happen, and one day the ball is going to stop dribbling. But I want to have longevity as far as my mind.”

On the court, Mashburn is equally diligent. In addition to basketball practice, he works out with his father and a strength coach almost daily.

Bloom said Mashburn rates exceptionally well in terms of work ethic and basketball IQ, and he can shoot, too, averaging 31.5 points in two exhibition games earlier this year.

“I haven’t seen a kid with his mid-range game in the past 10 years,” Bloom said. “He elevates, extends fully and shoots above defenses.

“This season, I think he can average mid-20s in points and about 10 rebounds and five assists.”

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Dec. 7-9: A-Rod Classic at Columbus. Dec. 23-30: Holiday tournaments. Dec. 28-30: Junior Orange Bowl Classic. Jan. 12-14: TOC MLK Classic. Feb. 6-10: GMAC and BCAA championships. Feb. 12-14, 16-17: Districts. Class 9A-5A Regional quarterfinals; 4A-1A regional semifinals. Class 9A-5A Regional semifinals; 4A-1A regional finals. March 2: Class 9A-5A regional finals. State final four at The Lakeland Center


Class 9A: Kissimmee Osceola; 8A: Tampa Sickles; 7A: Dillard; 6A: Leesburg; 5A: Fort Lauderdale Calvary Christian; 4A: Fort Lauderdale Westminster Academy; 3A: Orlando Christian Prep; 2A: Miami Christian; 1A: Greensboro West Gadsden.


1. Miami Christian; 2. Palmetto; 3. Norland; 4. North Miami; 5. Mater Academy; 6. South Miami; 7. Gulliver; 8. SLAM; 9. Doral; 10. Miami High; Under consideration: Mater Lakes, Florida Christian, Champagnat Catholic, Westwood Christian, Coral Gables.

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1. PALMETTO (Coach Marcos Molina). Last year: Regional semifinalist. Top players: G Jordan Hamburger, 5-9, Jr.; PG Mikal Starks, 5-11, Sr.; F Josmel Martinez, 6-6, Jr.; C-F Alex Rodriguez, 6-5, Jr.

2. NORTH MIAMI (Coach Raynald Benoit). Last year: Regional finalist. Top players: G Reynald Laurent, 6-1, Sr.; G Donte Innocent, 6-0, Sr.; W Victor Hart, 6-6, Sr.; G Jonas Guillaume, 6-4, Sr.

3. SOUTH MIAMI (Coach Robert Doctor, 13th year, 252-92). Last year: 26-4 (State semifinalist). Top players: PG Toru Dean, 6-1, Jr.; F Lee Flenor, 6-6, Jr.; F Antoine Wright, 6-6, Sr.; Markies Damon, 6-3, Jr.; G Wood Cerphy, 6-3, Sr.; G Jeffery Bujan, 6-2, So.

4. MIAMI HIGH (Coach Javorie Wilson, 9th year, 132-57). Last year: 13-6. Top players: G-F Gabriel Francisco, 6-4, Sr.; PG Gamalier Garcia, 5-8, Sr.; F Taderrius Davis, 6-5, Fr.; G-F Trevon Clark, 6-3, So.; G Zachary Arias, 5-10, Jr.; PG Kyle Marcelin, 6-0, Fr.

5. KILLIAN (Coach Austin Perez, 2nd year at KIL, 7th overall, 15-12). Last year: 15-12. Top players: F Elton Walker, 6-5, Sr.; F Christian Calatayud, 6-5, Jr.; G Shawn Nelson, 6-3, Jr.; G Jomar Mondestin, 6-1, Sr.; G Gabriel Russo, 6-0, Sr.; G Jalen Houston, 5-11, Jr.

6. HIALEAH GARDENS (Coach Daniel Garcia, 5th year at HG, 10th overall). Last year: 12-10. Top players: PG Marlon Suarez, 6-1, Sr.; SG Lian Lolez, 6-2, So.; F Lazaro Borrell, Jr., 6-7, Jr.; SF Caleb Alic, 6-1, So.; G Brian Duncan, 6-0, Sr.; F-C Joshua Acosta, 6-5, So.

7. SOUTHWEST (Coach Roberto Fatjo, 4th year, 32-35). Last year: 13-10. Top players: F Christopher Murray, 6-5, Sr.; G Albert Hernandez, 5-10, Sr.; G Justin Prat, 5-7, Sr.; G Jean Grullon, 6-0, Sr.; G Eddie Ramirez, 5-8, So.; G Enmanuel Carbonell, 5-8, Sr.

8. COLUMBUS (Coach Henry Lorenzo, 9th year at COL, 22nd overall, 403-197). Last year: 14-10. Top players: G Dante Pace, 6-1, Sr.; F Gary Cooper, 6-4, Jr.; F-C Nygel Brooks, 6-8, Sr.; G Guille Vento, 6-0, Sr.; G Orion Armstrong, 5-9, Sr.; C Gianni Lezcano, 6-5, Sr.

9. AMERICAN (Coach Kelvin Farrington, 9th year at Am, 15th overall, 182-129). Last year: 19-8 (Regional quarterfinalist). Top players: Brian Diaz, Sr.; Desean Hall, Sr.; Myquel Noel, Jr.

10. MIAMI BEACH (Coach Jacob Shaw, 4th year). Last year: 8-12. Top players: G Jamar Charles, 6-1, Jr.; G Saint Vincent, 5-11, Jr.; F Roman Gray, 6-3, Jr.; F Allen Blumstein, 6-1, Jr.; G Julian Bernstein, 6-0, Jr.; G Isaac Codio, 5-11, Jr.

11. SOUTH DADE (Coach Rick Garciga, 9th year SD, 23rd overall, 396-275). Last year: 5-17. Top players: G Gerard Marc-Lipscomb, 6-0, Sr.; G Yadin Gonzalez, 6-2, Sr.; F Tyrique Stevenson, 6-3, Jr.; G Mark Regalado, 6-0, Jr.; F Robert Clarke, 6-4, So.; F Jephti LouiJeune, 6-3, Jr.

12. BRADDOCK (Coach Guillermo "Willie" Diaz, 22nd year at BR, 34th overall, 381-437). Last year: 10-12. Top players: PG Esteban Penalver, 5-10, Sr.; G Aaron Simon, 6-0, Sr.; F George Castellanos, 6-2, Jr.; F Chris Perez, 6-4, Jr.; F Alexander Valdes, 6-3, Sr.; G-F Gregory Allen, 6-0, Jr.

13. FERGUSON (Coach Jose Andion, 4th year, 30-42). Last year: 14-8. Top players: G Andre Alpert, 5-8, Sr.; F Orlando Herrera, 6-4, Sr.; G Jaylan Hanner, 5-8, Sr.; G Leonardo Martinez, 5-11, Jr.

14. VARELA (Coach Cesar Lacaci, 18th year). Last year: 7-13. Top players: G Alejandro Lopez, 6-2, Sr.; F-C Leonardo Del Rio, 6-5, Sr.; G Julio Abbate, 5-10, Sr.; G Juan Valencia, 6-1, Sr.


MATER ACADEMY (Coach Shakey Rodriguez, 2nd year at MA, 36th overall, 708-152). Last year: 22-7 (Regional quarterfinalist). Top players: F Jesus Duquesne, 6-7, Sr.; F Seven Ferguson, 6-4, Jr.; F Tyler Poindexter, 6-5, Jr.; G Alex Simoza, 5-9, Sr.; G George Berencil, 5-9, Jr.; G Cedrick Harris, 6-3, Sr.


1. NORLAND (Coach Lawton Williams). Last year: Regional finalist. Top players: G Omar Rolle, 6-2, Sr.; F Reece Wilkinson, 6-9, Sr.

2. DORAL (Coach Jorge Fernandez, 4th year, 63-21). Last year: 26-5 (Regional semifinalist). Top players: G Jonathan Nunez, 5-11, Jr.; G-F Miguel Ayesa, 6-4, Sr.; G Reggie Perez, 5-10, Sr.; G Robbie Perez, 5-10, Sr.; G Ricky Mercado, 5-10, So.; F-C Ali Alawie, 6-2, Jr.

3. BELEN JESUIT (Coach Chachi Rodriguez, 2nd year at Bel, 19th overall, 321-131). Last year: 18-10 (Regional quarterfinalist). Top players: SG-PG Marcos Dajer, 6-3, Sr.; PG Alec Rodriguez, 5-10, Jr.; SG-SF Danny Sueiro, 6-3, Jr.; SF-PF Christian Tinoco, 6-3, Sr.; PG-SG Luis Diaz, 6-0, Sr.; SF-PF Robert Lopez, 6-3, Jr.

4. SUNSET (Coach Erick Martinez, 7th year at SUN, 11th overall). Last year: 15-8. Top players: PG-SG Jaylen Escoto, 6-0, Sr.; PG Onyx Pastoriza, 5-8, Jr.; PF Anthony Pellerano, 6-4, Jr.; SF Matt Dye, 6-5, Sr.

5. ST. BRENDAN (Coach Kevin Esteban, 5th year, 33-47). Last year: 8-18. Top players: G Franky Garcia, 5-4, Sr.; G John Michael De La Torre, 5-10, Sr.; F Matthew Pizarro, 6-3, Jr.;

6. TERRA (Coach Adam Graham, 1st year at TER, 7th overall, 67-40). Last year: 2-20. Top players: G Jackson Swihart, 5-10, Jr.; G Jarmani Citronnelle, 6-0, Sr.; GF Cyril Deas, 6-3, So.; G Johan Navarro, 6-3, Sr.


1. GULLIVER PREP (Coach Manny Bloom, 7th year at GP, 18th overall, 235-170). Last year: 19-11 (Regional finalist). Top players: SG-PG Jamal Mashburn, Jr. 6-1, So.; SG Tony Sanders, 6-6, So.; PG Gabe Taylor, 5-8, So.; PF Diego LaMonica, 6-5, So.; SF Jace Howard, 6-5, So.; PF D’Sean Perry, 6-4, Jr.

2. MATER LAKES (Coach Juan Urbina, 5th year at ML, 11th overall, 61-34). Last year: 23-7 (Regional semifinalist). Top players: PG Cyrus Largie, 6-3, Jr.; PF Craig Starks, Jr., 6-7, Fr.; C Alijandro Cuevas, 6-6, Sr.; SG Cesar Lineraz, 6-0, Jr.; SF Chris Roque, 6-2, Sr.; PF Landon Martinez, 6-8, Jr.

3. LA SALLE (Coach Derrick DeLaGrana, 1st year at LaS, 6th overall, 105-55). Last year: 13-14. Top players: G O.J. Sabalza, 6-0, Sr.; G Emilio Ramirez, 5-10, Fr.; F GianCarlo Rice, 6-4, So.; F Derek Bernabeau, 6-4, Sr.; G Brandon Delgado, 6-1, Sr.; G Efrain Xirinach, 6-1, Sr.

4. WESTMINSTER CHRISTIAN (Coach P.J. Brown, 7th year, 103-71). Last year: 11-15. Top players: G Marcus Montalvo, 6-0, Jr.; G Lucas McCormick, 6-2, Sr.; G Jose Lopez, 6-1, Sr.; G Chris Hernandez, 5-9, Sr.

5. MONSIGNOR PACE (Coach Anthony Serro, 6th year, 71-74). Last year: 9-18. Top players: G Marcus Frazier, 6-2, So.; G Marc Rodriguez, 6-0, Sr.; G Dominic Shaw, 6-1, So.; F Shaun Strisiron, 5-10, Sr.; F Bryner Joseph, 6-3, Jr.; G Jermaine Normil, 6-2, Jr.


1. SLAM (Coach Thomas Roque). Last year: N/A. Top players: G Luis Pacheco, 5-7, Jr.; G-F Kentron Poitier, 6-4, So.; G Dominick Garcia, 6-3, Sr.

2. FLORIDA CHRISTIAN (Coach Jason Doan, 4th year at FC, 7th overall, 98-86). Last year: 17-12 (Regional finalist). Top players: G John Square, Jr., 6-6, So.; G Markhi Strickland, 6-5, So.; G Matthew Perez, 6-2, Sr.; F Dorien Pericles, 6-5, Sr.; G Joshua Jimenez, 5-9, Sr.

3. PALMER TRINITY (Coach Andre Smith, 2nd year, 19-9). Last year: 19-9 (Regional semifinalist). Top players: G-F Gary Bess, Jr., 6-3, Jr.; G Zach Friedland, 5-9, Jr.; F Sebastian Diaz, 6-2, Sr.; G-F Gus Derribeaux, Jr., 6-0, Sr.; G David Cuellar, 5-10, Sr.; G Brandon Yanes, 5-9, Jr.

4. MIAMI COUNTRY DAY (Coach Claude Grubair, 1st year at MCD). Last year: 12-16 (Regional semifinalist). Top players: G-F Nathan Outten, 6-3, Jr.; G Julius Delgado, 6-1, Sr.; G Tristan Escalante, 6-0, Sr.; C Harrison Stier, 6-8, Sr.; F Gaetano Onorato, 6-0, Sr.

5. RIVIERA PREP (Coach Gardy Brun, 2nd year, 11-11). Last year: 11-11. Top players: G David Perez Miralles, 6-1, So.; G Esteban Lluberes, 5-5, 8th; W George Alerde, 6-3, So.; F-C Cheickh Nidour, 6-9, Jr.; G Alejandro Del-Valle, 5-7, So.; F Jonathon Yaron, 6-5, Jr.

6. SCHECK HILLEL (Coach Craig Mankoff, 4th year at HIL, 7th overall, 73-66). Last year: 14-11. Top players: G Ben Givner, 5-11, Sr.; C Ben Brener, 6-5, Sr.; G Aaron Ben-Shmuel, 6-0, Jr.; G Yaniv Assraf, 5-10, Jr.


MIAMI CHRISTIAN (Coach Juan Cardona, 2nd year, 30-2). Last year: 30-2 (State champions). Top players: G Neftali Alvarez, 6-2, Sr.; F Miguel Diaz, 6-5, Sr.; G Jeffrey Hernandez, 6-5, Sr.; G Diego Rivera, 6-1, Jr.; G Marcelo Perez, 6-5, Sr.

NOTE: Schools not listed did not return preseason forms to the Miami Herald.