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Mourning tennis standout looking to repeat state success

Senior Tom Jaworski, an FIU signee, became his school’s first state champion last season and figures to be a favorite to repeat the feat this season.
Senior Tom Jaworski, an FIU signee, became his school’s first state champion last season and figures to be a favorite to repeat the feat this season. ctrainor@miamiherald.com

Tom Jaworski became a pioneer for his school last season.

Jaworski won the first state championship in any sport for North Miami Mourning High when he won the Class 3A individual singles state tennis title.

This season, he and the Sharks are looking for more.

Jaworski, who went 18-3 last season, is looking to add a doubles title to his list of accomplishments in addition to a singles title. Jaworski will team up again with junior Santiago Uribe as he did last season, when the duo reached the state semifinals.

The Sharks are hoping to return to state as a team and make a push for the team title in Class 3A as well.


It’s been over half a century since Miami Beach won a boys’ state tennis title. The Hi-Tides won a GMAC championship last season and are hoping this year’s squad can give them an opportunity to at least compete at the state tournament.

Beach will challenge Palmetto and Coral Gables for supremacy among Dade public schools with a squad led by seniors Omar Zarif, and Luca McLeod and sophomore Quinn McLeod, as well as Jordan Skalet, a senior transfer from Plantation American Heritage.


Two of the Dade’s longest-standing and most successful tennis coaches will no longer be active this season.

Longtime Krop coach Mike Kypriss, who also coached at Killian, retired after 36 years and over 1,000 wins and 16 combined state titles.

Meanwhile at Gulliver, coach Kelly Mulligan has accepted a promotion to be the school’s director of tennis programs.

Mulligan led Gulliver’s boys to 10 state titles and its girls’ teams to six.

The Raiders’ boys will now be coached by former Sunset and University of Miami tennis star Eric Hechtman, who has been the director of the Royal Palm Tennis Club in the offseason. Gulliver has five of its top players returning and should be a favorite to repeat in Class 2A.

Senior Andre Libnic leads the group along with a solid core of juniors — Nicolas Ramirez, Christian Otero and Ryan Hellinger — who are all ranked in the top 30 in the state among boys’ 18.

On the girls’ side, the Raiders will be coached by former tennis pro Ana Larionova, and have a tough challenge when it comes to the team title. Gulliver should have a great chance at individual singles and doubles state titles with returning seniors Ysabel Gonzalez-Rico and Lindy Lyons.


Pine Crest’s girls return three seniors from last year’s team, including Stephanie Taylor, a state semifinalist a year ago in singles.

Taylor, an Emory University signee, is joined by Demi Snyder, a sophomore. The duo won their district championships in doubles.

Pine Crest should contend with American Heritage and reigning state champion Gulliver in Class 2A. The Panthers won a state team title in 2015.

On the boys’ side, Cypress Bay figures to be among the best in the state once again.



March 23-26: Deco Turf National tournament; March 28-29: GMAC championship; April 10-13: Districts; April 18: Regional semifinals; April 20: Regional finals; April 24-28: State tournament at Altamonte Springs and Casselberry.


Boys – Class 4A: Cypress Bay; 3A: Jensen Beach; 2A: Gulliver; 1A: Sagemont; Girls – Class 4A: Cypress Bay; 3A: West Boca Raton; 2A: Gulliver; 1A: Boca Raton St. Andrew’s.


Evan Bynoe, Douglas, Sr.; Jorge Cervantes, Chaminade-Madonna, Sr.; Matthew Fung, Palmetto, So.; Michael Heller, Cypress Bay, So.; John Michael Holtmann, Ransom, Sr.; Tom Jaworski, Mourning, Sr.; Daniel Krulig, Coral Gables, Jr.; Jack Lee, Coral Gables, Jr.; Andre Libnic, Gulliver, Sr.; Mike Mendez, Calvary Christian, Jr.; Antonio Mora, Ransom, Jr.; Jordan Skalet, Miami Beach, Sr.

Others to watch: Ryan Fung, Palmetto, So.; Charlie Grande, Belen, Jr.; Daniel Martens, Palmetto, So.; Danny Martinez, Belen, Sr.; Quinn McLeod, Miami Beach, So.; Christian Otero, Gulliver, Jr.; Nicolas Ramirez, Gulliver, Jr.; Randy Wilson, Palmetto, So.; Omar Zarif, Miami Beach, Sr.


Michelle Adan-Pol, Terra, Jr.; Kelly Anthiewicz, St. Thomas Aquinas, So.; Kristina Fernandez, Coral Gables, Sr.; Ysabel Gonzalez-Rico, Gulliver, Sr.; Sofia Quevedo, Coral Gables, Sr.; Lindy Lyons, Gulliver, Sr.; Katya Martens, Palmetto, Sr.; Demi Snyder, Pine Crest, So.; Stephanie Taylor, Pine Crest, Sr.; Bin Zheng, Doral, So.

Others to watch: Samantha Alicea, Palmetto, Jr.; Ronia Dolabany, American Heritage, Sr.; Roxanne Fine, Coral Springs, Sr.; Valeria Gonzalez, Lourdes, Sr.; Camila Ordonez, Krop, So.

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PALMETTO (Coach Kelly Gibson, 11th year). Last year: 10-1 (State quarterfinalist). Top players: Randy Wilson, So.; Matthew Fung, So.; Daniel Martens, So.; Ryan Fung, So.; Sam Sherman, Fr.; Sam Stone, So.; Cole Gibson, Fr.

MIAMI BEACH (Coach Diego Garcia, 6th year, 46-16). Last year: 12-3 (Regional semifinalist). Top players: Quinn McLeod, So.; Omar Zarif, Sr.; Luca McLeod, Sr.; Jordan Skalet, Sr.; Piercarlo Usai, Fr.; Lautaro Bilotti, Jr.

FERGUSON (Coach Jorge Garcia, 6th year). Last year: 9-3. Top players: Jose Disotaur, Sr.; Justin Ossa, Jr.; Jorge Meilan, Jr.; Nico Ramirez, Jr.; Jairo Adames, Sr.; Luis Leon, Jr.

COLUMBUS (Coach Keith Green, 8th year). Last year: 6-4. Top players: Sean Buchele, Fr.; Christian Barnes, So.; Felipe Gomez, Jr.; Quino Cuervo, Jr.; Frank Sioli, Fr.; Gabriel Carroyo, Sr.


MOURNING (Coach Todd Rubenstein, 3rd year at ATM, 16th overall, 348-104-2). Last year: 20-4 (Regional finalist). Top players: Tom Jaworski, Sr.; Santiago Uribe, Jr.; Edward Luca, Jr.; David Pedersen, Jr.; Jack Wax, So.

BELEN JESUIT (Coach J.D. Barbosa, 1st year). Last year: N/A. Top players: Danny Martinez, Sr.; Charlie Grande, Jr.; Eduardo Scheuren, Sr.; Lucas Venegas, Sr.; Juan Rodriguez, Sr.; Sebastian Duenas, Jr.


GULLIVER (Coach Eric Hechtman, 1st year). Last year: 17-2 (State champions). Top players: Andre Libnic, Sr.; Nicolas Ramirez, Jr.; Christian Otero, Jr.; Ryan Hellinger, Jr.; Nikita Kolesnikov, So.; William Earle, Jr.


RANSOM EVERGLADES (Coach Peter Lehmann, 7th year at RE, 35th overall). Last year: 16-1 (State quarterfinalist). Top players: John Michael Holtmann, Sr.; Antonio Mora, Jr.; Samuel Rubell, So.; Grant Dill, So.; Patrick Visan, Sr.

MIAMI COUNTRY DAY (Coach Alan Murray, 17th year, 148-56). Last year: 10-6 (Regional finalist). Top players: Louis Siegler, So.; Milan Bass, Jr.; Evan Meiselman, Jr.; Alex Cohan, Sr.; Alexander Slezynger, Sr.; Morgan Weisberg, Fr.

RIVIERA PREP (Coach Jane Forman, 7th year). Last year: 6-4. Top players: William Culbertson, Jr.; Josh Stozky, Sr.; Chad Harrington, Sr.; Litto Gomez, So.; John Gottinger, Sr.; Jacob Stozky, Sr.

SCHECK HILLEL (Coach Ildiko Csordas, 7th year). Last year: 5-3 (Regional semifinalist). Top players: Myles Gilbert, Fr.; Gad Lisrer, Fr.; Yair Lisrer, Fr.; Brandon Wabnik, Fr.; Michael Bernstein, Fr.; Daniel Frank, 8th.



PALMETTO (Coach Kelly Gibson, 11th year). Last year: 14-0 (State quarterfinalist). Top players: Katya Martens, Sr.; Samantha Alicea, Jr.; Roxana Montoya, Sr.; Ally Hayduk, Fr.; Milena Vandeereis, So.; Anastasia Dudayrk, Jr.

LOURDES (Coach Stephen Hernandez, 4th year, 17-8). Last year: 6-3. Top players: Valeria Gonzalez, Sr.; Carolina Fernandez, Sr.; Samantha Gonzalez, Sr.; Megan Lopez, Sr.; Melissa Pena, Jr.

FERGUSON (Coach Janett Toledo, 6th year). Last year: District runner-up. Top players: Brianna Gomez, Sr.; Jordana Ossa, Fr.; Annie Carrera, So.; Jennie Leon, So.; Ana Sotomayor, So.; Emily Ortega, Jr.


MOURNING (Coach Todd Rubenstein, 3rd year at ATM, 14th overall, 348-104-2). Last year: 13-6 (Regional semifinalist). Top players: Jamara Alonso, Sr.; Caroline Churchill, Fr.; Sofia Melnikova, So.; Nicole Koziol, Fr.; Janelle Jakovlev, Fr.

MATER ACADEMY (Coach Juan Espin, 7th year). Last year: 5-2. Top players: Katie Rodriguez, 8th; Angelica Rodriguez, So.; Meylin Garcia, Sr.; Daniella Cabrera, 6th.


GULLIVER (Coach Anna Larionova, 1st year). Last year: 19-0 (State champions). Top players: Ysabel Gonzalez-Rico, Sr.; Lindy Lyons, Sr.; Chiara Von Gerlach, Sasha Kolesnikova, Jr.; Sofia Restrepo, 8th; Jessica Si, Fr.


CARROLLTON (Coach Max Mangones, 9th year). Last year: 4-4 (Regional finalist). Top players: Lucia Pinero, So.; Isabella Leano, Fr.; Jimena Menendez, 8th.

RANSOM EVERGLADES (Coach Peter Lehmann, 7th year at RE, 35th overall). Last year: 14-3 (State quarterfinalist). Top players: Sofie Debayle, Jr.; Aryanna Diaz, So.; Lilly Chang, Sr.; Hallie Leeds, Fr.; Allessia Gangone, 8th.

MIAMI COUNTRY DAY (Coach Val Banada, 9th year, 46-55). Last year: 7-7 (Regional semifinalist). Top players: Julia Rose Siegler, 7th; Allexii Bassette, 8th; Lolita Bell, So.; Elizabeth Stone, So.; Danielle Bernstein, So.; Mina Segall, Sr.

RIVIERA PREP (Coach Jane Forman, 7th year). Last year: 8-2. Top players: Alejandra Arizmendi, Sr.; Franchesca Basile, Fr.; Isabelle Marconi, Fr.; Katerina Balshem, So.; Isabella Siu, So.; Daniela Galtes, Fr.

SCHECK HILLEL (Coach Ildiko Csordas, 7th year). Last year: 6-2 (Regional semifinalist). Top players: Alexa Cohen, So.; Raquel Dimitri, So.; Orli Algranatti, Fr.; Nicole Toledan; Leah Savir, Jr.



DOUGLAS (Coach Bob Bryant, 9th year at SD, 23rd overall). Last year: 11-1 (Regional finalist). Top players: Evan Bynoe, Sr.; Jonathan Dzung, So.; Alex Kurtz, Jr.; Taylor Streda, Jr.; Jabari Cole, Sr.; Charly Levine, Sr.

ST. THOMAS AQUINAS (Coach Carol DeOpsomer, 16th year). Last year: 11-3 (Regional finalist). Top players: Matthew Gonzalgo, Jr.; Nikolas Boulanger, So.; Robert Comunale, So.; Mateo Martinez, Fr.; Noah Torres, So.; Gianluca Stever, So.


AMERICAN HERITAGE (Coach Tobias Croke, 16th year). Last year: 9-3 (Regional finalist). Top players: Adam Duan, 8th; Lorenzo Lamo, Sr.; Luis Garcia, So.; Ben Geller, Fr.; Juan Martin Arreseigor, So.; Danilo Gonzalez, Jr.

PINE CREST (Coach Farhan Malik, 10th year, 68-25). Last year: 8-3 (Regional finalist). Top players: David Lins, Fr.; Sergey Golovnev, So.; Andrew Pereverzev, 8th; Chris Kotite, Jr.; Parsa Hoghooghi, Sr.

NORTH BROWARD PREP (Coach Jaro Pivarci, 10th year). Last year: 5-4. Top players: Guilherme Santos, Fr.; Giuliano Rengifo, Jr.; Vadim Gorin, 8th; Nicola Zucchetti, Sr.; Noah Firestone, Sr.; Alex Glass, Sr.

NSU UNIVERSITY SCHOOL (Coach Dr. Michael Coleman, 2nd year at US, 16th overall). Last year: 4-7. Top players: Mark Fedotovsky, Sr.; Anton Semenov, 8th; Ilya Semenov, So.; Noah Cohen, Jr.; Salomon Slatkoff, So.; Julian Pollak, So.



ST. THOMAS AQUINAS (Coach Carol DeOpsomer, 16th year). Last year: 14-2 (Regional runner-up). Top players: Kelly Anthiewicz, So.; Paula Gonzalez, Sr.; Alejandra Coronel, Jr.; Sophia Tirico, Fr.; Neera Kennedy, So.; Liana Corney, Jr.


PINE CREST (Coach Alessio Mollo, 2nd year, 10-1). Last year: 10-1 (Regional finalist). Top players: Stephanie Taylor, Sr.; Demi Snyder, So.; Mary Lavin, Fr.; Carly Feldman, Sr.; Amanda Rabin, Sr.

AMERICAN HERITAGE (Coach Tobias Croke, 16th year). Last year: 7-5 (Regional runner-up). Top players: Ronia Dolabany, Sr.; Anya Gunewardena, Jr.; Jasmine Lamy, Jr.; Isabella Chinchilla, Sr.; Katelyn Gramanzini, 7th; Natalia Rossi, So.

NORTH BROWARD PREP (Coach Ana Nikolin Miladinovic, 10th year). Last year: Regional runner-up. Top players: Arina Bakradze, Isabella Neira, Amanda Stutman, Julia Singhal, Jamie Leon, Camila Fereira.

NSU UNIVERSITY SCHOOL (Coach Dr. Michael Coleman, 2nd year at US, 16th overall). Last year: 7-4. Top players: Kaylee Witschen, Jr.; Alena Mangushera, So.; Eleanor Ohayou, So.; Minnie Rosenblum, 8th; Amelia Meles, Jr.; Alicia Bell, Sr.