Donation helps First Tee offer scholarships to Miami Dade College

The First Tee of Miami will do anything to help kids, particularly when it comes to their education.

Recently, Charlie DeLucca Jr. and his gang at the First Tee program got a big boost in accomplishing that goal.

Thanks to the Wolfson Foundation, for the first time in its history, The First Tee is linking up directly with a college — Miami Dade College.

The Wolfson Foundation, a longtime benefactor and partner with Miami Dade College, has donated $50,000 to The First Tee to fund scholarships to Miami Dade.

The First Tee is a golf program based at International Links/Melreese Country Club. However, the main emphasis is not on golf, it’s on forming character, tutoring and education. Golf is just the vehicle to accomplish those goals.

That is why Louis Wolfson III is using the Wolfson Foundation, founded by his grandfather Colonel Mitchell Wolfson, to help The First Tee.

“I came out to The First Tee facility, and I just loved what I saw and heard,” Wolfson said. “I absolutely loved the program they had. They care more about education and values than they do about the golf. Golf is the bonus for the kids.

“We want to help kids who want to help themselves,” Wolfson continued in unison with business partner, Michael Wohl. “And this was a perfect way. I could tell this program was bringing out the best in young kids.”

Thus, the $50,000 donation.

To The First Tee, the scholarships are not only a means to achieve its goals but also an affirmation of what it is trying to accomplish.

“This is big for us,” DeLucca said. “We’re trying to get these kids in college and this donation will help tremendously.”

Certainly, golf is the hub that The First Tee program is centered on — many well-known professional golfers have come from the program such as Erik Compton, Cristie Kerr and others.

When he was a kid, world No.1 Rory McIlroy played in one of the tournaments staged by The First Tee and won it, and he still calls it “my first major.” And even though golf might be the hub, education and values are the ultimate goal for The First Tee.

“We’re not just about golf,” DeLucca said. “We are about getting kids in schools.”

One of the ironies of the donation and scholarships to Miami Dade received by The First Tee is that Miami Dade College doesn’t even have a golf team.

And that works just fine with The First Tee.

“You can be in our First Tee program,” DeLucca said, “and not even play golf.

“If you do the right things, you could earn one of those scholarships without ever hitting a golf ball.”


Still waiting for that elusive first hole-in-one?

There are various odds of accomplishing that by numerous publications, but an average would be somewhere in the range of 45,000 to 1 on a “typical par-3.”

So, keep swinging.

And, just in case you are really ambitious, the odds for two hole-in-ones in a round would be somewhere around 9,222,500 to 1.

Now, that will tire out your arms.