Christopher Daniels ready for Ring of Honor anniversary show

Christopher Daniels is back with Ring of Honor, wrestling Alex Shelley on Ring of Honor’s 14th anniversary show on Friday, Feb. 26 live on pay-per-view.
Christopher Daniels is back with Ring of Honor, wrestling Alex Shelley on Ring of Honor’s 14th anniversary show on Friday, Feb. 26 live on pay-per-view. Photo Courtesy Ring of Honor

Christopher Daniels will be wrestling Alex Shelley during Ring of Honor’s 14th anniversary event on pay-per-view live at 9 p.m. EST/6 p.m. PST on Friday, Feb. 26 from Sam’s Town in Las Vegas.

Daniels will also be part of Ring of Honor’s television tapings the next day.

After being one of the main stars of TNA Impact Wrestling, Daniels returned to Ring of Honor, re-signing with the company that he helped put on the pro wrestling map. In addition to Ring of Honor and TNA, he has worked for every major pro wrestling organization in the world including WWE, WCW, ECW and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

JV: What is special about being on the Ring of Honor anniversary show?

CD: To me, one of the special things about being on Ring of Honor’s anniversary show is the fact that I was on the very first show, and now 14 years later, seeing all of the hard work that all of the wrestlers and all of the crew and all the creative team have put into our company is paying off big dividends on television, on pay-per-view and in the wrestling community as a whole. There’s incredible buzz about our product right now, and every time we get an opportunity to be on pay-per-view, we look at it as an opportunity to thank our fans who have supported us this entire time.

JV: What is special about being with Ring of Honor again?

CD: To me, right now is a special time to be a part of Ring of Honor. As I said, there’s so much buzz about our product and all the success we had in the last couple years, all the new affiliates that Sinclair has added, and the fact that we’re doing broadcast pay-per-view. These are all feathers in Ring of Honor’s cap.

JV: What came into play for you to re-sign with Ring of Honor?

CD: I was offered an opportunity not only to continue being in-ring talent, but also the chance to start working on my post in-ring plans by working with the younger talent to help contribute to the future superstars of the company.

JV: Is it a one-year deal or how many years?

CD: It’s a one-year deal where I’m exclusively working for Ring of Honor.

JV: You are wrestling Alex Shelley on the anniversary show, how is Alex doing physically, after his serious injury? What do you like about working with Alex?

CD: Right now, Alex Shelley is at 100 percent, and I’m happy that he’s back with Ring of Honor. He’s a consummate professional, and his time working for New Japan has upped his game a tremendous amount.

JV: How do you describe Ring of Honor to those who don’t know the product? What type of fan is into ROH?

CD: I’ve always told non-wrestling fans that Ring of Honor emphasizes the in-ring abilities of all the wrestlers involved. The type of fan that follows Ring of Honor is the type of fan that appreciates the strength, the agility and the technical prowess that it takes to join one of the best wrestling rosters in the world.

JV: Comics you are into these days and any projects you've been involved in/will be involved?

CD: Certainly the all new, all different titles from Marvel are at the top of my reading list. All new X-Men, all new Wolverine and Uncanny X-Men are obvious ones for me to choose, but I’m also enjoying titles like The Vision, Hercules and Illuminati.

CD: Also, we announced this last year, but we’re finally able to start production on the sequel to Christopher Daniels & Kazarian Wrestle AW Yeah Comics with Art Baltazar and Franco of AW Yeah Comics fame. We should have the new book, tentatively titled AW Yeah Comics Team Up W/Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian, ready by summertime.


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